Beer, Bets, and Golf Cart Races: Kevin Kisner Preps for the Masters

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PGA Tour golf is one thing. Social golf is another, and generally features much more beer. Kevin Kisner is an expert at both, coming virtually out of nowhere to win his first PGA Tour Event in 2015 and ranking #4 in FedExCup Season points so far this year. As he approaches his first Masters, Kevin prepares with a day on the course winning bets against his childhood friends in Aiken, SC – just twenty miles away from the fabled course in Augusta.

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Meet the Real Life Version of Happy Gilmore:

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Joe Banish says:

I'd love to play a round of drunk golf with Kis. Seems like a cool dude.

will dwyer says:

He's fightin for it at the PGA this week. Be cool if he won.

Stacy Devine says:

Who's here while he's winning at the PGA championship

dassemi77 says:

Joe dirt of golf

Ford Prius says:

This guy is a pro and he played at the women's tee. Smh

Mason Jones says:

congrats on the win Kevin!!!

Son Of Dad says:

Great stuff. Didn't know Kevin has his sights set on #1. Go get it, Kevin.

Mila Dubois says:

Proud straight when Islamic strategic destruction research unexpected.

Brandon says:

Charlie Sheen's younger brother.

tchwiss says:

when I saw him play the first time I thought he carried himself like semi literate shit kicking red state garbage………….now I'm sure

secretspy1 says:

damn i was rooting for ya last week at Arnold Palmer.. lets see it kisner!!

Chase Turknett says:

would hang with kevin any day

ti inu says:

Thanks for sharing Vice!

The BBQ Jerk says:

5:05 taking a piss in the bush.

Sk8mattGaming says:

Just the fact that he was suspended from the course because of this video is hilarious

tperri123 says:

5:12 Kisner pissing in the background

Marco A Monrouzeau says:

Why was he banned??

Christian James says:

How awesome is that, to be able to have all your mates with you for beers and golf!

J Crehan says:

I go to that club Kevin goes to my church

John Clark says:

will he be playing at TROON in July?

moonlighter6 says:

Idiot spoiled brat and building a house on the club course. Counseling and rehab, or your earning and fame will soon be over. I WAS BORN AND RAISED IN AIKEN – WTF!

George Barcenas says:

Seems like a good group of guys to throw some back with

tweetweettiger says:

Kevin in the back at 5:10

Khu NoPie says:


suckerfree23 says:

5:04 Kisner pissing. Maybe the reason for his suspension?

John Moriarty says:

House next door is a dump?

Joe Johnson says:

If they kicked him out for good that's their loss. He's a Tour PRO after all…and that course looks like a unkempt shitshow by the judge of the fairways and tee boxes.

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