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Beginner Golf Basics – Me and My Golf PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman have created a 4 part video series that will help you learn and understand the essential basics that will accelerate your improvement and help you get off to a great start with your golf. Car hire

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Janice Stallworth says:

I just purchased my equipment yesterday. From information given by instructors the hold that was told to me by employee was all wrong. I will be watching their series to learn this game. Was going to hire someone, but will try this first.

Kingsofpeace says:

I was using my iron at the driving range, and I was holding the club too loosely and accidentally threw the golf club 50 yards straight at the 50 yard marker… Haha

Rubina Tariq says:

Is there a difference between ladies and gents golf set?clubs etc

Rubina Tariq says:

I have started playing golf but it seems difficult

Slade Patterson says:

They are giving away a set of TaylorMade clubs at

PumpkinTheHamster says:

Thanks I have been watching alot of golf videos because I just started golfing and I can only drive like 50-60 yards right now so I'm trying to drive longer.. 🙂 and I have been working on my short game alot to and I'm getting better.

Easternfly says:

Very helpfull thank you

Higgy says:

I work in construction and my hands look softer than that guys shriveled old man hand. It was so distracting 😐 I just wanted to dip it in a vat of Vaseline.

noura _22 says:

يا زيني احب هالعبه بس م عندنا في السعوديه وان شاءالله اتعلمها واذا طلعت برا العبها ???

PaulPriceAstro says:

I found a nice picture of the hand position is to relax your arms down by your side, you'll notice the natural position for your thumbs is that they are turned slightly inwards. Then just maintain that thumb position as you grip the club so as you swing through the impact zone, your hands will be in their natural position. And for me, when I examined the lay of the club through my left hand, it matched the position demonstrated by the boys in the vid.

Sharif Ashik says:

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dazzler114 says:

Gentlemen,I cannot locate part 2. Where is it?Thank you,Peter

mysteryfang says:

Does it help to have your hands saturated to the point of being wrinkly as demonstrated in this vid? Cheers

ewbfdw4243 says:

Is it embarrassing to learn golf at age 20? Are most of thw people at the golf course young or old?

Subhradip Choudhury says:

more talking rather than coaching

Neil Byers says:

thanks guys you have helped alot ?

Sam Magham says:

Great video, Thanks!

Z Sun says:

Hey guys. How far do you usually stand back from the Tee? Thank you.

Erik Blazynski says:

I would totally pay for this but I have no idea whatsoever where this exists on your website. I signed up for a free account, but I need to be able to see what I want and then I will pay for it. It is like the store is locked and I can't see what is inside and you want me to pay to get in. I could help you with this, my company does that kind of thing, but I really just want the instruction at this point.

MrJoshthenosh says:

This is brilliant video guys, ive played 10 years and found it very helpfull

easter vin Mano says:

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Fabian says:

I'm studying ways to improve your golf and discovered an awesome website at Gavs golf tactic (look it up on google)

AntiVenom says:

Anyone else interlock there right pinky and left pointer finger?

George Hopper says:

Played my first time in over 15 years away from golf. Needless to say, it cost me balls and confidence. So glad I found your videos on You Tube. Your videos are extraordinary compared to the others here. Thanks for you being there! I had NO idea my grip, stroke, stance was so far off! Cheers!

James Cain says:

thanks guys really helped me an learned a lot from this,

melchor gallo says:

I'm so excited about this game and the best way for me

Justin Aburto says:

awesome some great tips

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