Behind the Scenes with Holly Sonders-Cover Shoots-Golf Digest

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Behind the scenes of Golf Digest's May 2013 cover shoot with Golf Channel's Holly Sonders.

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Behind the Scenes with Holly Sonders-Cover Shoots-Golf Digest

Starring: Holly Sonders

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Alfredo potato says:

Anyone know the name of the song played?

HuskerRed says:

She looks like a porn star.

Soosie says:

Well done Slazenger, love, love, love …..Golf Dress Code definitely needs
a push into the 21st century. Can’t see our ‘Committee’ allowing the white
shorts somehow!!

Bill Baker says:

Some girls have it all…Looks…personality…and a golf swing…Bitch

FCbrezzzy says:

Damn she was complete when I saw that belly button ring

petecabrina says:

What is with those ridiculous fake lashes…

millzinc3 says:

I wish she had Winn’s booty but she is pretty

pochisxis says:

madison ivy?

Ashley Elder says:

Wow so hot

TheGolfronnie says:

I would love to “play a round” with her.

DGolfer60 says:

absolutely love Holly!

Rory McLroy says:


paul kersey says:

she is sweeter than honey, and i’m about to give her all of my fucking

bigmaxy07 says:

good lordy lord

john crotti says:

definitely a 10 in my book!!

deanw0rmer says:

She needs to get naked

Marcus says:

I would’nt mind getting behind Holly….0wwwwwwwwwwwwww

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