Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan

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Mega Firdaus says:

I didn’t know Hunter Mahan has a good voice for rapping ! Hahahah

David Salcedo says:

golf is a sport. having these guys make light of it is awsome
younger guys can see how cool it is to be a golfer. i didn’t realize golf
was fun til i hit me late30’s. i luv these guys..

Highlandcoffee1 says:

The ‘Golf Boys are great – love both the videos !!!
Would love to see the out-takes – I imagine there were PLENTY :)))

Min Kang says:

I love this punny video.

B3NG Zimm says:


Amanda Mccarthy says:

ha, its nice they can back fun of themselves… don’t tell my husband but
golf isn’t a real sport lol

Noah Urban says:

wow funny when they in hat

Lee Sayre says:

Miss Amanda, GOLF IS A REAL SPORT !! Obviously, you have never
played the game, try it before you knock it !! People are so stupid when
do not know what they are talking about !! Bubba, you’re the Man !!!

Chris McCalla says:

Ben Crane is to this bunch as Timberlake is to the backstreet boys…

km10nner says:

Funny Video, All For Charity.

Chris McCalla says:

You get my point though I hope…

Bryan Bolte says:


Michelle Crane says:

Gotta love it! 

Matt Nothdurft says:


jumbo yoon says:

Rickie Fowler

RockingPuccini409 says:


Fred Fairey says:

I like fun just like the rest you, but this is total garbage. The singing
is crap,

finton mcfinnaghan says:

This ones way better than the first one

golfonlinestores says:

I agree Krupizz

SkipMDMan says:

Love the videos. Glad to see some golf pros with a sense of humor that the
public gets to see!

Rick Asstronaut says:

Maybe you should go to the doctor to get that bad case of butthurt checked
out. He will probably prescribe some cream and suggest you refrain from
displaying your ignorance all over youtube.

Tyler Orr says:

stewy stewy sink! lol

Mars Bool says:

the stereo type ”golf is for old people” is now broken

mccarty0706 says:

It would be great if they added Jason Dufner to the group no one would
expect it

GolfGirlDiva says:

The ladies our the first one’s to have “unique” golf carts Rolls Royce
Baby!! You better not put rims on a golf cart. The Hovercraft is awesome
though, but let’s not go back to Golf Pro’s and Tennis Ho’s lol!!

Terrify says:

It’s just for fun and goes towards charity, don’t be so serious. And it’s
not “gay”.

corriandaly says:

Great job for charity!! N u ppl sayn faggot n gay. . Thats sad n showing
how stupid u r. Insecure or jealous much? Spoken from a femme lez. Bet u
boys dont say faggot now do ya?! Lol. Insecure. Oh. . But women its ok. .
If we can watch. Or join. Learn new words. N im guessing u suck at golf.
Imo. Again go 4 charity water n also mocha club! Peace out.

Gyp Rosetti says:

Yeah Dunfer would be the bizarre from 12 of the group, rap real slow

mrm8319 says:

yea an way way way to much snobbery.

Merry Hoover says:

I love this one. It’s better than the the first one. 😀

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