Ben Crane music video: Golf Boys – “Oh Oh Oh” 2011

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Azri Zak says:

erk….. really?

cameron zasada says:

2 stroke penalty to Rickie for grabbing a hand full of sack while
celebrating the putt. 1:35. lol 

Robert Hansen says:

wow just wow

Randall Morris says:

Boys in the band!

xReido619x says:

Bubbas Chest hair, Dirtier than African Water

Chad Bonis says:

I hope this video goes viral like rebecca black’s stupid friday song. this
is actaully good.

Robert Strain says:

Ricky’s shirt is optional in some shots. And I have to say… I am a golf
boys fan. I celebrate their entire catalogue. For me, it doesn’t get any
better than when they sing “oh oh oh”.

vuginalitus says:

that is just horrible. not funny. not catchy at all. they say like 4
phrases and they are all lame. maybe one of their 2 year old daughters
wrote the lyrics. how did that even get publicity. F U ESPN.

13skinsfan69 says:

bubba looks like he just walked out of the trailor park

williams1883 says:

Fabulous too see you are all enjoying yourself along the way, keep having
fun, that’s what life is all about! Good luck with your golf!

Todd Anderson says:

If Kim Kardashian can record so can these four!

Romy06L says:

Mahan is fucking EPIIIIIIIC

ryan60197 says:

2 stroke penalty didnt take out flagstick when putting 1:28

RaideNNx11 says:

what the hell? xD

nicholas betrozoff says:

who said golf was boring

242fuac says:

Also looks like Fowler split his leather pants in the crotch in several

Robert Strain says:

Ricky is yummy.

kboughton33 says:

@LongBall2Go too*

Minwoo Park says:

This lets me know even the top players in the world have a sense of humor.

JimmyReppert says:

Tweet Tweet I want my birdies all day long. HAHA bubba

Misty Tienken says:

this is brillant!!!!

xNIKEGOLFx says:

i love bubbas club flip. walk-off esque

frozel says:

Massive what da fuck hahahaha. Huge video

Mason Booth says:

This is awesome! You guys are hilarious. This will be good for golf. I wish
you all much success!

J Salari says:

I love when they hit the ball and the rest are dancing in the background lol

Splatt1010 says:

wtf did i watch……..

McKlane Bobbitt says:

@911TechVideo like i was saying on another comment, he was hitting an iron
on that scene. but Bubba is known for hitting it so long.

LongBall2Go says:

Where is Tiger? Oh that’s right he has always been to “serious” chasing
records to smell the roses & have fun along the way. Kudos’s to these guys
for making us smile and remember its just a “game” …Not brain surgery.
Thanks Ben,Ricky,Hunter & Bubba

IkilU95 says:

I <3 Ben Crane

azapro911 says:

Hard to imagine Jack, Arnie and Gary doing this…

CazHattrick11 says:


chilibro says:

lol rickie has a tramp stamp

Matt G says:

@thanatos84 Yeah, that would be epic!!! But Nantz might not go for that

Travis Granger says:

Oh oh oh lalelale Bubba! Upgrading from overalls to a nice new green

Jeremy McGarity says:


dorothytripp says:

Kind of catchy. Really funny to watch.



freedom22 says:

we need the outtakes! would love to see how many times the couldn’t get
through it! this is pure genius!!!!!

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