Ben Crenshaw's Putting Secrets

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sambhu sivalenka says:

Nice skinny grips and not the base ball grips sold today…hard to release anything..even on tour the best putters use skinny grips and blades..tiger , the guy who won last sunday at wells fargo…

James Jackman says:

What a great Golfer. Thanks

Ricky Orsborn says:

agree with paul

e james says:

I've got one of those brass ashtray putting things with a ramp on the front. I find that by putting on a birdie putting mat I should see the ball slightly slow when it gets to the ramp, and then the overspin should take it up into the tray. That ball shouldn't hit the back of the tray but just gently deposit itself . Then I know I struck a good putt.

BRtony says:

Could you please put up the entire video without the top and bottom cut off as i would love to see it in full……..The dvd was never released in the U.K…….Thank You…….By the way…..I have a Gentle Ben putter that ben hit a few putts with on the practice green for me at the 1989 Open Championship.

Robert Johansson says:

crappy mechanics sadly

Bear Grylls says:

grip it like you are holding a baby bird

Johnny Penso says:

I use Ben's putting tips effectively. Inside what I call my makeable range I use an extremely light grip, no tension at all and using the feel of the grip in my hands to get the proper rhythm and speed. It's a pendulum motion at pendulum speed. On longer putts where I'm not likely to make it and more concerned about lagging it up, I take a stronger grip with my upper hand and get better distance control. Works like a charm.

Dessert Man says:

Stockton should stay away and Let Ben do his mastery

Murphy Peak Performance says:

Ben Crenshaw's putting stroke is a thing of beauty.  Reducing tension in the shoulders and arms and being sensitive to grip pressure is very helpful.  Also, emphasizing "rolling a putt" vs. "hitting a putt" reinforces the idea of being tension free.

ar mar says:

It would be so much better and useful if the video included the ball on the green with the putter setting up to it.  verbal explanation is good but visual is better. Thank you

John Clark says:


Paul Yago says:

Shooting the interviewer would suit me… we''re here to listen to Ben, don't talk over him, let him finish his damn paragraphs!

LYCANSS999 says:

Please shoot the camera guy. >8(

fdllicks says:

open stance, 70% wt front foot, arms hang straight down, no tension except in fingers

Dire Straits says:

Who're they talking about around 3:55 ?

gatesmw50 says:

The guy in the white shirt is Dave Stockton 2 time PGA champ. He ALSO knows a thing about putting too!

Jay Forolder says:

I love that daddy in white shirt, wish he can do a swimsuit version of this video

lovetogolf says:

Light grip is the key to great golf

cwugrad396 says:

that little gem about more weight on the left side has me putting so much better … thank you sir

Tour Victory says:

Good video! 🙂

MrTanker10a says:

How on God's Green Earth did Putting get to be so difficult and such a BIG Hairy Deal?

Geoff Mangum says:

"Swing that thing up there." [Minute 5:01] That folksy description of what he is doing with his stroke and watching Crenshaw's body thru impact shows he putts "straight thru" on the intended line, not arcing thru impact to the inside. His hands passing impact do not come closer to his thighs, but swing straight thru slightly rising vertically.

Sean M says:

Classic example of a great golfer not knowing what he is actually doing. At 2:07 Crenshaw says (with an arm motion) that he is trying "to go through that putt". But he does just the opposite by decelerating the stroke. His follow-through is half the distance of his take-away. He doesn't go "through" it at all. Feel vs. real.

Dreama40 says:

Did you hear that folks! Super light grip pressure  = better feel = more holed putts, that was my takeaway from this lesson from the great Ben Crenshaw. Soft hands feel the weight of the putter head = smoother strokes = better distance control and more putts holed.

Chuck Pulaski says:

cool, but it would be nice if you could see the ball and the club head. 

Jeff Derenzios says:

Great share here thanks

Graham Wilcox says:

Ben Crenshaw was such a good putter that he broke his putter in frustration after Eamon Darcy took him to the cleaners in a singles match during the 1987 Ryder Cup. I know what it's like to miss putts as well! Perhaps it would be better to take lessons from another American professional golfer to give lessons!!!

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