Ben Hogan 1965 Shell Swing Compilation – Regular speed and Slow Motion Training Guide

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Paying more attention to the rhythm of the movement.


Charles Hamilton says:

Yep I agree, Take that stupid music out, or electronic noise. Ben Hogan would shoot You with a large caliber hand gun.

menhirn blue says:

hi, his backswing is very fast, do you think he's creating more lag with this effect or with the fact that he stay his hands lower at the top?

Kyle Allen says:

thanks for editing and posting this.

Rejuve50plus says:

Turn the sound down if you don't like music: Idiots. The upload is fantastic, thank you.

sixtyton angel says:

loved the music

Bert Verrall says:

If you can watch this without hitting the mute button your are a serious Hogan fan and disciplined in fixing your swing.

Tony G says:

dear Lord Ben has a God awful swing. this has destroyed golf instruction for a long time. people thinking they should do what he does. early extension out the ass, swinging his arms around and behind him.. it took him thousands of swings to reach himself consistency while in pain most of the time. don't be like Ben. learn actual biomechanics.

Stu Allen says:

Mute the crap music, play something you like, and enjoy the awesome video.

Fer way says:

Good stuff, music is awesome!

vince guest says:


Mil Sneler says:

Did anyone mention that music is crap?

Guitarpick1770 says:

I don't think Mr. Hogan would have appreciated the music choice. Maybe some bluegrass or Western swing.

Sean Metcalf says:

Tough crowd – hit the mute button? 😛

Scott Baldock says:

I kind of like the music.

billy duffy says:

too much right hand

Anthony Willis says:

Can't watch it, the music is freakin disturbing!

Steve Perry says:

music is so annoying. halted after 5 seconds! seriously WTF???

M. James says:

Music is fucking the secret

Young_James#12 says:

i don't know how people can hate this song. i watch this video a lot before matches or going to the driving range. i get the rhythm in my head then i always think free your mind and expand your conscious. i don't see why Hogan would have cared about that. I'm telling you this stuff works.

Michael Preiss says:

i like the music with it. kinda past his prime though. seems his swing was a little longer in the 50s? maybe

Jim Smith says:

Damn, I wish my hips were not so fast. He has such a nice movement of his hips with his torso. My hips are ahead of my torso all the time, which I am pretty sure is the reason I have mishits more then I should

Leighton Oules says:

Music sucks!!

JayZoop says:

His hips and shoulders were sooo connected?

JayZoop says:

I noticed on the top of the backswing, the hands pull straight down.  If they don't, the hips will cause your club to go over the top.

Marvin Sangüesa Golf says:

The music along with his swing make this Epic

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