Ben Hogan Amazing Grace….

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swisheryan says:

This is what I sing to myself in my head as I use Ben Hogan's guidance to reincarnate his perfect swing.

swisheryan says:

How Sweet the Swing….and the sound.

casmdean1 says:

I understand what your trying to say and it's 100% wrong. Square to the arc at hip height/p6 means the clubface would be at a 45* angle facing the ground (or the ball from a DTL perspective). Obviously his doesn't do that. It's much closer to toe up there.

casmdean1 says:

Further, you'd be ignoring the numerous times when the man himself said he rolled the clubface open in the back swing and no matter how much he tried to close it it'd still be open at impact. And you'd be ignoring his grip which was very weak post accident. And his open clubface at top of swing. He was very far from closed to open.

casmdean1 says:

Or you're confused and don't know what you're looking at.

casmdean1 says:

If hogan played closed to open then why was his clubface more open to the arc later into the downswing than almost anyone

Mox_au says:

If you're referring to Hogan's swing, I'm not sure why Tiger would want to be. Hogan himself said on many occasions that there were plenty of people on the tour with better swings than him but they lacked in other aspects of the game such as practice, hard work and course management. And if you're referring to achievements, Tiger has far surpassed Hogan in every aspect car accident or not. Additionally, it's a well known fact that Hogan took swing coaching from Mike Austin later in his career.

ToGetToTerrapin says:

Hogan's swing speed with the Driver (persimmon, mind you, with a stiff, HEAVY steel shaft— nearly twice as heavy as some these days) was estimated to be above 130mph in an existing video (search for 'ben hogan backswing by jim Mclean — it's on the right —>) which is mindboggling imho… to wit, Hogan used the stiiffest, heaviest shafts in his irons as well. If not for the now infamous "bus accident", Tiger would be chasing HOGAN'S major record, not Nicklaus'. THAT is how good Hogan was…

Robert Carter says:

Sweet. True. Pure. Hogan. Amen.

Joe Blow says:

dklein: I can't thank you enough for this video! Just watching it has revitalized my game and now my swing thought is "Amazing Grace". Works for me!

Seth Fuller says:

Please do not compare Tiger Woods to Ben Hogan. Ben threw himself in front of his wife to save her life in a head on bus crash. Tiger cheated on his. Ben gave himself over to the range and practice. Tiger made night clubs and whores his practice. Ben preferred to not play in Europe and instead became a 4 time winner of the U.S. Open. Tiger can barely show up for a Major these days. So, please stop comparing them.

stephen f says:

On top of that, you've got the overabundance of money and the all-exempt tour, which takes all fear out of it.

Tell you what: I'll take Hogan, Snead, and Nelson against Tiger and any other two from his era. You name the course.

stephen f says:

…For instance, in that Tiger v. Rocco debacle at Torrey Pines a few years ago, neither one hit even 60% of the fairways, and yet they tied for the lead and went into a playoff–IN THE U.S. OPEN. 53% of fairways in past Opens would get you about an 84.

Anyhow…conditions are infinitely more consistent and near-perfect, and they've had to lengthen the courses to keep 45-year-olds from hitting 8-irons into #15 at Augusta, for example.

stephen f says:

As for all the other nonsense, it's provably wrong. The courses were shorter, but not short enough to account for the differences in equipment. As for greens, you're not thinking like a player. Fast greens are true greens. The greens they putt on now are worlds better and smoother. Rough in the majors was penal and fairways narrow. Today, players are product–"these guys are good"–and they set up the courses not to embarrass them…

stephen f says:

I mean, "pressure" from being "the most hyped"? Like he didn't participate in all that himself, like he didn't bring it on himself? "Pressure" is a guy holding down a job to support four kids while the parent corporation is downsizing, or getting up every morning to go start up the tractor. "Pressure" from being the richest athlete ever? Please.

stephen f says:

Now, dammit, I've had about enough. Of course Tiger does everything faster, better, and bigger than anybody else ever, and invented golf on top of that.

Billy Bondaruk says:

I did'nt realize the pinko thing. Then I have to agree with you. However, if you asked him about the five majors. He would tell you the medal is exactly the same as the others. He called it the fifth in interviews with Venturi

Mike Honcho says:

@TheBillygolfs50 Actually, Mr. Hogan won four U.S. Opens. In 1942, there was no U.S. Open. It was called the Hale America Open, and while he won it, it's not the same thing as the U.S. Open.

Billy Bondaruk says:

@rw5791 I was refering to the tribute this person has made to an American who won five US Opens. But I think he would have liked the song too.

DL Jamieson says:

@pcakesxl Not to mention the fact that Hogan was in his prime when WWII interrupted his career. I believe he missed out on two years of tournaments.

steelerfn says:

@1tontomato i don't think anyone ever had control like hogan. lol ever.

Billy Bondaruk says:

This is a very sentamental piece. The man loved the game and it showed in everything he did…. very coolto see someone else share the passion he would have like this alot

TN MS4 says:

Where's he hitting here, the moon!?

Marcus says:

Tiger Woods will never reach the stature of Hogan, his attitude towards women speaks for itself strange that they were all white. Hogan was old school tough but respectfu,l true class that has stood the test of time…unlike Woods

Hicks055 says:

didn't he have a big fat arse..

Mike Turner says:

Tiger will never be Hogan….He will work all his life and never see the truth, the simplicity is that hogan did this on his own. Hard work, sweat , and tears.No swing "coaches" or shrinks to make us all warm and fuzzy.Best pure swing ever hands down,and self created,Tiger should fire the coach and the shrink and get to work….

julian bosi says:

@shortstop20 lmao ok and i was talking more about the driver when he hit fairways 300 yards with a steel shafted driver… and o yeah when he was on? it seemed like he was on every fucking week then..

Mike Turner says:

Amazing Grace ,what a perfect choice for this man's swing.The simplicity of perfection.

Dan Thomas says:

It's difficult to compare Tiger and Hogan, Hogan, IMO, definitely has the superior swing method. Hogan also did not have the advantages Tiger had, plus he had that devastating car accident. At on point in his career, Hogan won 9 of 17 consecutive majors that he played in. Frankly, under different circumstances, I think Tiger would be talking about breaking Hogan's records. That said, Tiger has everything except the best swing in golf.

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