Ben Hogan and Self Discovery – Brandel Chamblee (Excellent)

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John Adams says:

Wow,great words from Brandel.I think he's spot on as I've always admired Hogan for the fact the he worked his a#$ off and figured out things for himself.He came from nothing and built something with his own sweat,perseverance and determination.

Matt Robinson says:

Best golf lesson ever!

alfandeddie says:

Don't particularly care for him but he's spot on .

Ligerpride says:

I don't like the guy…….at all…….but he nails it here to be fair.

William Taylor says:

Say what you want about Brandel, he makes the game more interesting to watch. He has a passion for golf and the courage to speak his mind.

budsester says:

Most insightful and courageous golf analyst around.  Should be a great aid.

Andrew Linch says:

Agree, Body is the leader, hands are the followers in a good swing Mr Hogan Exemplified this.

Sir Shanks a Lot says:

Bravo Chamblee. This may be your best string of thoughts ever captured on camera.

Paul K says:

I started golf after I retired about 7 years ago. I practice and play all the time, and I think the idea of self-discovery is probably one of the great motivators for me to work and work to improve my game. Every day I play, I learn something about the physiology of the swing and all of the mental activity that goes on in learning to make a beautiful, repeartable sswing.

RollYourRock says:

Well said…

KimJongILLTurrble says:

Good teachers will provide clues to let the student find out for themselves and have their own "light bulb moments". This leads to a greater sense of understanding and higher self confidence.

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