Ben Hogan and Stan Leonard: The Drill

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Ben Hogan and Stan Leonard


stephen f says:

One thing that's really apparent from the first couple of swing is that Leonard and Hogan are dramatically different once they get to the ball. People will say that doesn't matter because the ball's already hit, but the point is that what you see past the ball indicates to a very large extent the dynamics that were going on before you got there.

citysmasher2 says:

His hips have turned 80 percent as far as his shoulders. A full 70 plus degree hip turn. That is the real secret.

punch clark says:

I cant believe it after all theses years, I have finally found Ben Hogans secret!!!! its right there dammm its crazy I have it

mongoosevsgt says:

amazing people during his time tried to copy his swing. LOL

seemlyme says:

This music for dead funeral or something. Music should be classical

sandman4224 says:

Lead with the belly button. Don't pull (harpoon). Don't drop the front shoulder. Shift.

Watch also, (Mike)Austin, Hogan, Couples, Snead, Nicklaus, Trevino. They ALL do it.

bobbie bobbejaan says:

@benbirdie561: ha ha your funny

Siteseer2 says:

Chaulk and cheese…Hogan never hung back, and flipped it like Stan.  Transverse adduction of right elbow…YES.  But not in the way shown.


This move is associated more with Byron Nelson, nobody put their elbow in their pocket quite like him! 

JayZoop says:

straight left arm.  Right elbow is close to the body and comes down in-sinc with the right hip bone.  That ensures a good connection between the upper and lower body.   Lower body is the driving force.

Mox_au says:

where is this music from?

Manny Chooch says:

ben birdie?  splain please!

Manny Chooch says:

this has to be one of the most informative golf video for the low handicapper and pro golfer.  stan and ben show it all!

Ron Wilks says:

Haunting and informative, Bergmanesque!

spacefieldtime says:

Mars circa….1940….

benbirdie561 says:

Life line in the hands.glove hand in lower line of palms.other hand in top line of palms inline with index knuckle for superior control of club.

stephen f says:

For the record, I'm just fine with the piano riff. (Speaking as a former piano major, btw.)

benbirdie561 says:

Diamzpuck,are you asking me to better explain?if so i will answer any question you wanna know….even ben hogans secret!

Diamnzpuck says:

can you explain this better i can't understand what you are saying…maybe my english is not perfect..

stephen f says:

Just curious — how does moving the right elbow like Hogan moved it lead to a duck hook, unless the body or arms stop moving and there's a flip? Are you taking "pin" to mean that the right elbow gets to the hip and stops there?

Also — if you've worked this out, how did you work it out?

It _is_ true that Hogan occasionally advised a "feel" that was different from what happened in his actual swing. The immediate "twist" to the left with the hips is a good example.

stephen f says:

Another good thought that helps accomplish the same thing: Keep the knuckles of your trailing hand toward the sky until very late in the downswing.

benbirdie561 says:

Ben hogans secret is not hard to find if you know where to look.this is a great video to show you how to initiate down swing.(tip)power stays within your shoulders,get outside your shoulders and its leaked.think of a flashlight.take your hands an swing behind your back until they touch/then back out an that is where your power n control lays.

Diamnzpuck says:

the video's drill is worth it's weight in Gold.. I don't even hear any piano because im amazed at watching the hardest "Move" in golf. this guy Leonard downloads the club better than a lot of PGA pros i'm watching today.

StankPunatra says:

How can anyone not want to put a bullet in themselves after listening to that awful piano riff over and over

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