Ben Hogan – Attack of the Hawk

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Tim Shay says:

The other pros stop and watch Ben hit balls=Respect!

majormike says:

Theee Master. The one with the most control. The Best EVER. As Tiger woods said "Ben Hogan OWNED his swing". No one else did but him and Moe Norman. The GOAT of golf.

John Rheiner says:

Love the video. Thanks.

Duffer 1970 says:

I reckon the wee wiggles so cool i've tried to copy it!

Jaime Cevallos says:

This should be the first video that comes up under "Ben hogan swing"
Great footage and great song

Johnny Mac says:

Great video, but I can't imagine the Hawk was blues rock fan.

Jaime Cevallos says:

best hogan swing video on the internet

texasflood54 says:

Sorry guys! They stripped the SRV audio. 🙁

Frank Mcchrystal says:

Alas, good bye voodoo child.

Frank Mcchrystal says:

Thanks for putting this back up!

stephen f says:

Absolutely friggin' brilliant.  Thanks for posting.

James Murray says:

The master at work!

seth bales says:

Such an awesome video. Wow what a golf swing!

Abby Normal says:

All I can say is…….SWEET…………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaime Cevallos says:

This should be the first video that comes up when searching for hogans swing. Great fn footage

Graham Wiles says:

How could anyone dispute this isnt the greatest swing of all time. It just looks so right. Magical footage thanks

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