Ben Hogan Basics: The Release

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Jay Chang says:

L shape?? No Supination??

Mike from Louisiana says:

Awesome content! Lightbulb moment for me!

E. G. Flores says:

I am in the middle of my golf swing change after 40 frustrating years. I started with my wedges and now working on my middle irons. Distance shot up a club and a half, better compression, less effort and straighter shots. I am loving it. Thanks Christo, can't wait to start with my woods.

Andy V says:

Is it more like a unhinging release rather than roll release, with unhinging but points back to body and club head goes forward

Charles Jones says:

great tip!!!!!

Adolfo Kao says:

I restart to make my swing evolution today with this release drill. No more escaping away!

Albert Martinez says:

Why is your backswing so short?

NP-75 says:

That causes a cut

Paul Byrne says:

Well done, excellent video. Hogan's power fade was achieved by his powerful release and his ascending clubface at impact with the face held square for longer as you describe, which was able to minimize backspin whilst maximizing ball speed. The clubface moving slight rtl across the ball generated the natural fade.

Jay Mor says:

Hogan and Trevino played the fade due to holding the release through impact. Both were not great at putting when they applied this concept to a putt stroke.

Sandy Dixon says:

Herman williams golf

Bergen08 says:

This is a very poor explanation of what is actually happening in the Hogan dynamic through the ball. Your focus is in the wrong area. If you really understand Hogans dynamics then you will know why his right hand does not flip immediately after impact.This is not even close.

Fred Hacker says:

Hi Christo from Queensland Australia. Thoroughly enjoying your videos and I am just starting to bring your theories into practice . Patience. Your background music is really different and very enjoyable also . A big Thank You.

e james says:

everybody does the full release because the game is about distance today…

maeu59 says:

Throwers, pullers, what about pushers? You ever hear of Roy Comeau? He considers himself a pusher, his videos are a little tough to understand, a little bit of a savant like Moe but an unbelievable powerful swing. A whole different philosophy on the golf swing. Check him out, he'll have you looking at the swing a whole new way.

GALA Tolik says:

Hello, would you say smt on club speed regarding holding and pelvic the impact instead of otherwise release? if holding, what we need the lag for? what to feel then? hitting in-in anyway?

David Malone says:

Great lesson, Thanks Christo!!!

GALA Tolik says:

Hello Gracia, this is the best explanation on how to impress the ball. Thnks a lot. Finally i got what have strungled for whole year after today review of the clip after two years of playing. You know more swing models more frustration… but no mater what is yours, who want to smash the ball should see. Keep the great work!

Anthony Naylor says:

This is my favourite vid of yours Christo. The control you have out of the top and through the hitting area is insane. I love the finish too. Totally natural and unaffected.

Mj Sport says:

Why any beginner golfer isn't watching these instructional videos of yours is beyond me!! You sir have put together one of the best simplest to follow training video series available!!

gmonkey808 says:

hmmm. there surely has to be some sort of down chop or you wouldnt hit the ball. Maybe its just later in the swing than Luke's? To avoid any down action of the hand would you need to actively hold off with the right hand? How on earth does this fit in with the 'three right hands' quote ? Im confused.

Mark Greer says:

I tried swinging like this for the first time today and it took some getting used to. My pitching wedge 50 yards when I finally started making contact, went consistently left of where I was aiming. But pitching 10-15 yards felt like I had greater control. Not sure how easy it will be for driving.

Gary Plunkett says:

I love your site and appreciate your efforts. Have you changed or modified your analysis on Hogan's release? I'm not sure this is correct. The Coleman video does not demonstrate this release. In fact, the few videos that are viewable to capture his release do not show this. Hogan bows the left wrist as he approaches impact and into impact but then rolls it over thereafter. I think the bowing of the wrist gave him a more stable clubbed through impact instead of a roll through impact, BUT he rolls his arms and hands right after impact. He doesn't hold off the release the entire swing.

graham jones says:

I agree but a mistake that can be made is not releasing, it feels like a hold but you have to release the shaft, hard to explain,this is impossible but you collect the ball and fling it.
Ok a different approach, Hogan shows the waggle in great detail, see it as a loading of the arms/ elbows they then hold position(ie last to move) in relation to the hips in the first part of the backswing and from say 9-3 in the swing but they do release the shaft/club not just the clubhead together with a body release. Hope that makes some sense!

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