Ben Hogan – Club Distances

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RayLo RayLo says:

A 4 iron from 175! Today's players would hit an 8 iron. Maybe a 9.
The balls are better. The clubs are better. The courses are only marginally longer.
And let's not forget Hogan, even Nicklaus, used persimon head wood drivers half the size of today's monsters.
They were better players back then.

O. G. says:

He's about an iron longer by today's standards….meaning he would hit 8 iron 160….That is solid by any stretch.

tim collins says:

Year after year i keep coming back to this amazing video, with my all time favorite golfers and such a wonderfall song. All i can say is thank you…

cyuiyu wyguiyui says:

JohnDaly is,pardon my french,just a fat drunk compared to Hogan..

Nikki Martin says:

If you really think about the yardages with irons in the 80's, it's ridiculous how long of hitters the better players were. Hitting a 6 iron 178 is long in that era, because nowadays the modern 6 iron has the loft of a back in the day 4 iron. The 6 iron back then had the loft of an 8 iron today. So essentially they're hitting an 8 iron 178. They were just as long, if not longer, than the modern players, because the lofts weren't jacked.

Lights Aglow says:

Greatest ball striker of all time AND the worst putter of all time…

John Maguire says:

its all in the hips. it's all in the hips.

tim collins says:

I dont know how many times i watched this video…and fell a sleep.Love the old era, they always acted like gentlemen.

tim collins says:

These swings were tempered without modern tech, they made incredible shote's with pure skill. Not to knock the modern swing, but what they did is priceless…

Ektototo Toek says:

Beautiful full swing

Pi Mudkip says:

song at the beginning?

kansterstrak says:

ty for upload

punch clark says:

I took me awhile I have truly discovered Ben Hogans Secret!!!!!!

Mark Anthony Drew says:

Hi, what's the name on the tune @ 6:20 with the start of Lee Trevino please 🙂

Drackkor says:

Not really club distances the ball today goes so much further. Clubs like driver add 15 yards, irons 5 to 10 yards golf balls 30 to 40 yards.

worldyum says:

Anyone know the name of the song that's playing when Ben Hogan and Daly are swinging?

Rob Parker says:

In fact, Mr Hogan was the very best!!!

movie guy99 says:

One thing that always stood out to me is how short Hogans backswing looks for his irons. With his four iron it looks like he only took his hands up to about shoulder height. Modern pros seem to have a much longer backswing. Lot of full wedge shots that i've seen Hogan hit looked like he barely got his hands above waist height.

FullTimeHypocrite says:

simply the best

Todd Victorson says:

While Hogan was a machine- it would be very difficult to copy that swing. it took him years and hitting thousands of balls to get that groove he had. I think if he was in his prime and had all the technological advantages Tiger had, that he could have beat Tiger in a head on match. Tiger had always hit a lot of errant shots, but he is on every par 5 in 2, and his short game was incredible. I think Hogan hitting fairway after fairway and green after green would have eventually just wore Tiger down. And I don't think that Hogan was intimidated by anyone, and wouldn't have been intimidated by Tiger. Hogan was as mentally tough as anyone.

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