Ben Hogan DSL Release High Angle

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Ron Wilks says:

That's a great thought, something a good teacher would give you! A simple image that initiates a bunch of correct physiological actions. Nice one!

stephen f says:

Yup, 100% Hogan. Seen it before.

tarifachris says:

It is from the Hogan footage from the Life and PGA Film "Keep em in the Fairway"
from 1954, there are more footage of him in this Film.

Alan Smith says:

Don't think this is Hogan. The guy in the video here has smaller ears than Hogan. Also, the camera is not placed down the traditional DTL view. It is placed over the right shoulder of this golfer. Hard to make any conclusions from this video and Hogan's swing.

oldschoolnewshit says:

Ok, cool. I think I know what you mean. It's just an ambiguous phrase.

oldschoolnewshit says:

So by "inside the ball" what you really mean is "inside the shoulder plane." Say that, don't say inside that ball because outside the ball would be outside the target line. And that's impossible to put your right shoulder there while swinging a golf club.

oldschoolnewshit says:

What does that even mean though. Inside the ball? Isn't it impossible for the right shoulder to be outside the ball?

ToGetToTerrapin says:

Notice the lack of bow/shaft reflection into the impoact zone — Hogan used the heaviest, STIFFEST equipment of his time — to wit, if many (but not all) of even today's top players, big and strong as they are, attempted to play with the equipment (esp. the golf ball itself) Mr. Hogan DOMINATED with in his era, they would be lucky to break par or even approach par…

ksharpe10 says:

Look at Matteo Manessero of Italy he is real similar. Matt Kuchar in a Taller body person. Just a couple examples that I can think of.

stephen f says:

Point is, I agree–you'd think more modern players might take a clue from this (although I wouldn't characterize the elbow as "glued into the hip"–more like it rides there as it's straightening because of the under-the-plane release).

stephen f says:

Can be done that way with timing and constant practice, but…coming into the ball this shallow promotes more solid and consistent contact and more force directed forward into the ball rather than downward into the ground. I do think some of Hogan's swing characteristics were due to his specific physiology and dimensions; but even Faldo, at 6'3", was able to get something very much like this on the downswing, and it's no accident that he was one of the best strikers ever.

remmy100 says:

@fadi1025 possibly because hogans move is too difficult?

MiniBlueDragon says:

@noon3freak I just did a transcript of the audio for you (I wanted to hear it all properly too) – pastebin(dot)com(slash)8ycXbqBQ

tarifachris says:

It is the voice of Mr. Hogan himself…. about his secret… from the Seitz interview…

noon3freak says:

I can't hear properly , what are they saying !?

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