Ben Hogan Front-On Training Guide 2

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golfprochen says:

Creating a lagging club(head) and accelerating it through impact (w/ the right elbow tucked and wright wrist bent)!

Charles Zimmerer says:

Before seat belts the driver actually used to protect the passenger and I remember as a kid the driver always put their arm across the passenger or possibly their whole body and even more in hogans case and it apparently saved his wife's life and his own life from the steering column ! He is a hero in my book whether he won a golf tournament or not due to bravery! And I liked the second song!

sobojetty says:

great video if you turn off the audio

historicus146 says:

Thats the worst music i've ever heard…

Tony Morales says:

Great footage, love the songs in it too!

Alex McLeod says:

Definitely Jedi – The Man!…Thanks for the upload – I never get sick of watching his swing…

Dreama40 says:

Its amazing that we all revere a swing from a man nearly 60 years ago, a time before modern technology and freeze frame cameras and teaching gurus and he has this swing, amazing!

Dreama40 says:

Can just imagine Hogan on the PGA tour today with modern clubs and balls with that swing, man would'nt that be something!

Ray McNamee says:

Hogan swore he was a much better player before the accident and other than 1953 the record proves it. No accident and the guy would have won 90 tournaments and 15-18 majors.

finops11 says:

great footage! two totally different swings of hogan: pre accident which had strong grip and was his distance swing and the post accident has weaker grip and swung more around his body but consistent.

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