Ben Hogan Golf Swing At Augusta

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From: This video shows Ben Hogan hitting a fairway wood shot into the 13th green at Augusta National golf course. Even though it's a black and white movie you can see the ball clearly tracing towards the pin. Very impressive! On the 5th of March, 2015 I accidentally discovered Ben Hogan's real golf swing secret. To find out how to

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Ann Jacobs says:

I caddied for Ben.  yes, the ball sound off the Driver  was highly unusual. A compression sound  – a pronounced whack –  does not describe this  unusual sound – it was a startlingsound- and it did have a buzzing sound.

Marlie Chunger says:

Thanks for posting!

Tung Nguyen says:

Look at the ball flight! my goodness.

Rob W says:

i remember reading once in golf illustrated someone who used to play on tour with hogan, he said that when hogan struck the ball, the ball came off the club with a loud buzzing sound, i don't know if that's hogan folk lore but it is intriguing

GNet Vids says:

Great video!
But don't think there's a secret.
Just think Mr Hogan had a
great body pivot to control the down swing…

nobodyaskedbut says:

This is the 1940's before his injuries when he was the greatest player the world will ever see. As he stated he never again played as well as he did before the accident and he was, of course, correct. He scored 276 in the Open on 7000 yd Riviera in 1948 (shattered the Open record by 5 strokes). In 1942 he shot 271 at 6879 yd Pinehurst in the N&S Open breaking his own N&S record by 6 shots. He also shot 271 in 1942 to win his 1st (& 5th) Open in the Hale America National Open. In 1946 he shot 271 to set a new Western Open record. His 1941 tour stroke average (which incl. 5 W, 11 2ds & 26 T5s) was an incredible 70.5. During the 3 full years of 1946-48 he won 30 tour events (13,7,10). Between 1941 & 1956 he finished in the top 10 AND SCORED UNDER 290 IN 12 CONSECUTIVE US OPEN ATTEMPTS. This streak was interrupted twice by WW2 & his injuries. The next longest streak by anyone else is 4. These amazing accomplishments during that golf technology time frame are just some of the reasons that separate Hogan from everyone else who ever played the game.

Diamnzpuck says:

He wanted to give back more then he subtracted… too bad

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