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Ben Hogan's golf swing plane has been talked about a lot with the famous “pane of glass” drawing. Many golfers don't realize Hogan shifted his plane on the downswing! It's a crucial part of the Hogan swing.

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Frank McChrystal says:

2:166:48 Thanks for the new (new to me) footage! Forgive me but I turned the sound off. It's religion you know. Thanks Cristo. Cali cool!

randy underwood says:

i never get tired of watching him. i actually saw a vid on utube that claimed he was not very long. good grief!!!

aardvaark069 says:

at 6:23 it looks like he's turning himself literally inside out. How do you get this position? I think its phenomenal but I cant get there.

A. U. says:

Christo, I love it when you cover the nuances of Hogan's swing – I also find it very informative when you get other golfers' opinions on what they have learned about their swings – it helps all of us understand more about what is the essence of a sound golf swing.

B Johnson says:

Lateral Side Bend drops the trail shoulder and allows the right elbow to get that low

Robert Johansson says:

there is no plane

Danielsan says:

At 6.23 you can actually see the shoulder goes under.

08jag80 says:

He actually swung below the ball-shoulder-left arm pane of glass which he said, in his book, was permissible and that pane of glass depended on the players physique. By placing a point about 4ft to right of the ball, a line can be drawn from that point to the shoulder-left arm for a modified pane of glass, which Ben Hogan did swing on.

Thomas Soue says:

This is the area I need to focus on. I wish there was some machine I could workout on that would mimic that right shoulder that tuck under and right elbow tucked in close.

Golden Gate says:

@christo … Thanks for discussing something so important …. When I let my right shoulder go downplane during transition I almost feel like I am falling backwards in contrast to throwing the right shoulder out to the target line … Is that a reasonable "feel"?

Ed Floody says:

Are you still bending your irons flat? How many degrees flat?

Jose Cuervo-drinker says:

Have you ever heard Hank Haney say Hogan could have titled his book, "How not to hook a golf ball"?

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