Ben Hogan Golf Swing

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스머프 says:

진짜 스윙 예술이다. 수십년전일건데 촌시럽거나 하지않고 오히려 요즘 애기들보다 더 좋아보인다. 야구,테니스 머 이런 종목들 옛날 영상보면 졸 촌시러운거랑 비교된다. 이래서 벤호건 벤호건 하나봐요. Ben hogan zzang!!!!

Tom Redditt says:

This is the best one minute golf lesson ever made. Most amateurs do it wrong like he says and try to swing hard from the shoulders only.
Pure gold golfing advice here.

JayZoop says:

Notice on his backswing he plants into his back leg and makes sure his hip stays left or centered.  This back knee is like pointing away from the target.

T W says:

I've often wondered how good Hogan's record would have been if he had not been hurt in the wreck. My guess is Jack would have chased it like Tiger did his.

Jason Marks says:

While I agree with what Mr. Hogan said It's his follow through that is so stunningly beautiful and smooth.

Kolef88 says:

Was there ever a better swing?

Mud Bone says:

hit 9 (you're welcome)

TheBagBalm says:

143 people have no clue what they doing.

B M W says:

Never heard of this dude. Wonder if he can even break par. Where did he get the flaky hat?

vinson shinabery says:

Hogan's body was crushed by a @#@ bus! If he had not had to contend with that, and that was Herculean, how many majors would he have won.??? Divine power kept Hogan with us!

Bill Board says:

Different swings for different folks.

pureinhart says:

Like a mother fucking pendulum

David Boynton says:

Grandmaster. Simple as that.

coastalBrake says:

How does he get his club square at impact with that move? His club face is pointing to the sky at 0:24

Young_James#12 says:

how can 132 people dislike this?

omar khan says:

he is lying don't hit with hips at all

Moses Müller says:

he is the only one I know where the golf swing looks very estetic

Joshua Paik says:

This is the first time I saw his swing. Holy mother fucker

Christopher Johnson says:

With mechanics like this, it wouldn't surprise me if he would DOMINATE on tour today.

Scott Shields says:

Byron, Hogan, Knudson, and Bobby. Timeless swings.

정프로의 클라쓰(JUNG pro's Class) says:

he is the role model of the modern swing nowadays.

David Nantz says:

Looks like my swing.

Brian Reilly says:

is there a drill to learn this very tricky move

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