Ben Hogan Interview on Clubs

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Chris Pedersen says:

tougher than a coffin nail

HateGovernment says:

His nickname was chuckles.

allen D says:

i think ben was a self centered individual and all he wanted to do was hit golf balls. can u imagine the life his wife led. I sure hope he didn't have any kids. He would not have given them the time of day.

Michael Libert says:

Man I'd kill for a fresh set of hogan irons! They're gorgeous

Try Thinking For a change says:

A great golfer but a bit of an arrogant arse.

bravo1224 says:

My goodness, this man could've run any fortune 500 company today and demolished his competition. The Hawk is the BOSS.

Pseudo Smith says:

My God what a giant of a man.

sixtyton angel says:

really should have a giant budget film made of his life…..maybe an HBO TV series for a season or two….

sixtyton angel says:

probably my all time hero in history…. for me he was some holy grail of a gentleman and model of hard worker and never ever quit!!!!!

Dennis Jordan says:

I hand wrote Mr. Hogan a perfect 20 page letter in 1995.He wrote me a perfect reply. On 11/14/2012 I was ran over by a car. I suffered traumatic brain injury, broken back,broken sternum, CRUSHED pelvis. I now hit a Hogan 2 iron of the dirt evey day! Ben Hogan would shake my hand! RIP Ben

Dreama40 says:

Imagine being one of his employees walking into his office and asking for a pay rise with those eyes looking back at you. No hope lol

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