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Fort Worth 15's, the best irons for the price – PERIOD!

Fort Worth Black Irons

Equalizer Wedges

Email for MSE Intensive details in Tampa, December 1st!

My Driving Evolution…

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Old School Golfer says:

Thumbs up for using the Sword to open the box!

Dennis S says:

I told Santa I have been extremely good this year!

randy underwood says:

can't play blades any more. for me…maybe the "edge" is better. didn't they release a blk version of those?

Terrence Johnson says:

Cristo, where's the rest of you? Lost some weight, huh? You look great!! Nice seeing you interact with your daughters. Great stuff! Good fortune dude!

Jacob Streiff says:

Now we know why Christo won’t get a fitting, he endorses these clubs…

Richard Oakley says:

I miss getting the automatic 3-PW in a complete set. Starting at a 4-iron feels like a cheat. You can tell a lot by a set on how well you rip that 3.

Left Foot Brake says:

OMG they are sexy

Chris Milligan says:

Of course you’ve got a samurai sword lol
Great video thanks

David Kripal says:

Love the fact you involved your children in the joy of getting new clubs. Super cool. The irons look nice and heavy .

Frank McChrystal says:

Whoa Christo….your kids are awesome!! Don't miss a minute because blink twice and they are gone!

Justin Bordwell says:

Just got two ft worth wedges for $120 ?

Mike Perez says:

The only brand I have ever played with. Best clubs in the world.

Jose Cuervo-drinker says:

They need to do that black finish on the PTxs

rick petryk says:

Can't wait for lefty version!

flower liberal says:

Nice to use that sword around children you creep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kourtney says:

I got the blacks during the summer when they first came out. Ordered 3 deg flat and standard loft. Showed up and they were all over the place. Some upright some flat. Not one was correct. Some the loft was 2 degrees off what they were supposed to be. Tried talking to customer service they said they’d refund me some money to get them adjusted to correct spec. Never got refunded. Emailed and called a few more times and never got through. I think they were screening my calls cause I left a poor review. Ended up selling the clubs on eBay because I was so disappointed in their service I didn’t want to represent their brand.

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