Ben Hogan Irons Tested By Mid Handicapper

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►Ben Hogan Irons Tested By Mid Handicapper



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Mark F says:

Nice job Rob, your misses weren't as bad with that 7 iron as with that ping you did, can't remember the exact model.  Magic clubs though Rick named after the maestro himself, I love blade irons, I use to play Prosimmon Classics many many years ago, they were a lovely club to hit

Benjamin Sarmiento says:

Lol Rick you miss hit all the time. You're not an amazing ball striker. Mid handicaps even beginner can hit this. Results just wont be as good. But beginners barely hit the club face so it doesnt mater what club is in their hands lol

Charles Fitzgerald says:

are you going to hit it or talk about hitting it geez ,, get on with it

Elite Scout says:

Rick is being an asshole! What’s his problem!?! Let Rob tell us about the club before you cut him down Rick you ass fuck! What a dick! He’s turning into Mark crossfuck! Rob make your own channel! You do better reviews than Rick anyway!

Michael Love says:

Rick I'd like you to see if you could get your hands on some 1970 something Ben Hogan directors. I'm gaming a set at the moment and I love them. I'd like to see your numbers. If i could afford to upgrade I would but for now these 25 dollar set are doing the job. I'm off 9 now down from 24 in 3 years.

RockJustBelow says:

From Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Co. website FAQ ( )…
#6 Are the Ft Worth irons defined as “blades”, and made only for the better player?

We actually shun the use of the oft-repeated terms “blade” and “game improvement” to define irons. And the Ft Worth irons blur that line anyway. We have applied an entirely new approach to iron weighting to deliver the precision, feel and ball control normally reserved for “blades”, with a measure of forgiveness that compares to any “game improvement” design. The result is that you no longer have to sacrifice one for the other. Our testing proves that most golfers of 12-15 handicap and lower will experience improved performance with the Ft Worth irons.

Joe Dubiel says:

Love this review lol. 🙂
Spider Dubiel

tonymonaghan087 says:

Rick I disagree fully here. I was playing off 22 using Ben Hogan Edge CFT (improver irons). I recently bought a full set of FT15s second hand including wedges. The difference they made is mind blowing. Two weeks ago I won the club Master Strokes with a net 69. I got cut to 20. I won yesterday with a net 67 and got cut to 18. These irons are so accurate. Granted I can't hit the lower lofts that well. But who cares. I have Ben Hogan Edge hybrids 3,4 and 5 for that. After the comp yesterday I took the CFTs and the FT 15s to the practice area to compare. All I found is yes if you miss hit them the CFTs would go a lot further but in the wrong direction. In a match this would be off the fairway. The FT15s just didn't go as far but more on line. This feedback lets you know your swing is out of sync and you can improve on the next shot. I think the big difference these clubs make is they make you feel you are more committed to your game and are no longer a hacker. These clubs really are the most amazing clubs I've seen or hit and would recommend them to anyone. Yes, you're right they won't suit everyone. But some scratch players still prefer game improvers. I think you're being a bit elitist putting people off. These clubs are amazing for anyone.

BeardGame says:

Someone was ripping ass at 7:23

Andre Shivers says:

My question would be, If Rob had the correct L/L/L would he have hit the Hogans better?

Ryan Gallegos says:

Rick is so irritated!! Lol

e james says:

These clubs demand a high level of concentration.

Bob says:

I am definitely not disagreeing with someone who barely playing golf to use forged blade irons. But I will say this golf isn't played off artificial turf into a blank field. You actually have to create shots and curve the ball. It isn't about max distance it is about distance control. I really do believe golf is easier played with a "players iron" compared to the "super game improvement iron" Now if you go to a range and want to hit a 7 iron with the loft of a 5 iron and brag to your friends how far you hit it ….more power to you. But I really believe if you want to play golf and learn how to actually score you really have to raise your game to meet the clubs …not the other way around.

Thy Wish says:

Can I trade in my Mizuno MP-H4s for a set of the Hogans?

seanvann4life says:

Rick needs to chill

SerenityNow says:

and the guy farts on camera lol weird

SerenityNow says:

not a big fan of this tall guy. pretty boring to be honest.

lotxa nol says:

his distance control was better than with others

ZeroTSONG says:

Love how overprotective Rick is of his blades. He's defo on edge the whole time.

Dínero says:

u WILL NEVER get better unless u move up to a blade like iron NEVER, JUST DO IT!!!!!!

Jason Warlond says:

Have to agree with the comments regarding using an appropriate shaft for Rob ….. total waste making commentary on how the club head feels with a shaft probably 2 stiffness levels away. Rick, love the site for most of the reviews but they can be devalued a bit if the shafts used aren't appropriate. The Hogans are pretty easy to hit for a blade.

John Hofmann says:

Rick is so hard on this guy. What a condescending control freak poser.

brainfree says:

Not quite an accurate experiment. Rob should try the perfect shaft for him with those heads.

Mdmchannel says:

Who ripped that bodacious fart?

Marvin Pierce says:

Love your show and you do some wonderful equipment evaluations that are fantastic! But… I have one question, how come you never have a test of Miura clubs? I use their CB-501, play off 6 and think its without a doubt one of the best irons I've used. Previously played Mizuno 53 and then the 58.

John Ferguson says:

lmao waiting for him to shank it!

Jumper says:

Rob always mentions those slazenger blades

Justin Markillie says:

Great video, Rick! Waiting for my Ben Hogans to arrive this week!

R L says:

Boo Rick. Potter should get a set!

Fred Grimley says:

This is the worst video I've ever seen.

4:49 "It's the club you put in your cabinet for decoration."
WTF?! Probably the most stupid thing I've heard on YouTube. Alongside idiots defending the new Star Wars movie.

This guy is an anal spaz.

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