Ben Hogan Legacy Part 1 of 2

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funny stuff says:

5 thumbs down. Proper loosers. Hogan is a legend…

Douglas Thompson says:

A hero of mine…..

jpracingph says:

Hogan deserves better than 240p

Selvaraj Maya says:

what a true legend.

Selvaraj Maya says:

those days were the beautiful years of golf.

Roslan Yunus says:

he is legend.His ideas about golf swing helped me a lot in my swing.

risking fortruth says:

He didn't hide his secrets, he shared in interviews, conversations, and in a written fashion! That is the greatest thing he ever did…to decide to share what he found out before he died, rather than dying and taking with him his personally discovered secrets! What a great man, to isolate himself into perfection, and then to realize he needed to come full circle and share it with the world and come out of isolation in order to do it. An example of what we should all strive for!

David P. says:

i don't even know him and i miss him

fradaja says:

proper legend!

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