Ben Hogan Lessons 1-3

This is the first 3 lessons from my new lesson program that I sent out to my Platinum Patrons a couple of months ago. Now that my new website is up, I'm going to start developing a video series to go along with my new book, which will show all of the drill I've used to develop my Hogan swing.

27 thoughts on “Ben Hogan Lessons 1-3

  1. I have to say, I’ve spent thousands in lessons and I’ve been taught
    different swings every time. It was my search for the Hogan swing that led
    me to your sight and I have enjoyed it tremendously. I’ve watched
    everything I can find on hogan and it’s nice to have it explained. Thanks
    for keeping this free. I practiced the elbow body move and had one of the
    best driving days of my life. I hit 11 fairways with my driver.

  2. This was an amazing recap of Hogan’s basics. If the average weekend hacker
    took 5 minutes to watch and understand this video , he would no longer be
    an average hack. I went from a 15 to a 5 and it’s only because I learned
    how to hit it from the inside. The ball goes way further which helps, don’t
    let anyone tell you different. I’d rather hit 9 iron than 5 iron any day.
    Now, how the hell do you hit a 5 foot putt consistently ?

  3. theres lots of great ball strikers out there, sadlowski comes to mind, or
    anyone with a great distance to weight ratio, Hogan is nice to watch but
    anyone who develops a relaxed swing will automatically fire hips first,
    skipping stones on water is a complex kinetic sequence but any child
    can teach himself to do it, theres nothing special going on, im 150 pounds
    and can hit 320 no problem, ive hit 347 in an LD comp, if you think other
    people are special you hold yourself back, go out relax and believe like a

  4. Great stuff! I am a PGA golf teaching professional and I have to tell you;
    great work! I refer my students to your videos often, and I myself have
    taught Ben Hogan (not in the detail you are expressing) but My swing core
    values are aligned with Mr. Hogans. Thank you, for your inspiration. 

  5. great video and analysis of hogans swing, ,; helped me out tremendously
    watching the way his lower body leads his upper through impact. so many
    other videos i’ve watched emphasize the shoulder turn and maintaining a
    proper spine angle, for ie. tom watson, that i’ve found this video so much
    more useful in my practice.

  6. Great stuff Mr Garcia but in a a golf tournament. Under pressures with lots
    of money on the line. Do you think all these thoughts will hold up??? I
    don’t think Ben Hogan was ever thinking .but I know he was think one thing!
    He was thinking of his secret. Which only very few know about hopefully one
    day I can get more time with you to explain how Ben Hogan showed me
    trackman in wrong or flawed

  7. Christo, the tenor of your lessons might be your greatest talent. Your
    narration/interpretations of Hogan’s old videos are just right. Your
    knowledge, sincerity, and humility strike me as entirely genuine.

    And you know what they say, “Sincerity is the most important thing in life,
    and once you learn to fake that…” lol…

    Seriously, namaste, my friend, namaste…

  8. Hi Christo, ifni have missed a video of yours that shows your complete
    seing from griping the club to hitting the ball, please let me know or any
    other video that uou have done so in. Cheers

  9. heres a tib bit some never read or heard before about hogan, Running His
    Knee At the Ball
    What did Hogan mean when he said he ran his right knee at the ball? On the
    downswing, Hogan’s first move was to push the knee inward toward the ball.
    This move resulted in the lateral shifting and opening of his left hip. His
    only thought at the time, said Hogan, was on the right knee dropping in at
    the ball, which he referred to as “running at the ball.” The harder he
    wanted to hit the ball, the faster he ran his knee at the ball.

    By running his right knee, Hogan could generate terrific speed in his lower
    body. His right knee, as he later explained, moved so emphatically to the
    left on full shots, the knee would sometimes appear to overtake his left
    knee on the follow through. However, the speed was adjustable. By running
    his knee at different speeds, Hogan was able to control the amount of force
    he expended through impact.

    Hogan’s secret move, however, was only a prelude to the real issue: the
    delivery of the club back to the ball. That was really the main objective
    as far as Hogan was concerned. Why? Because it provided the balance and
    control he needed to achieve the type of ball flight he desired. And
    balance and control were a big part of why he won 63 pro tournaments and 9
    majors, including the Masters twice.

    The secret to Hogan’s powerful swing, then, was the correct functioning of
    the right leg, with emphasis on maintaining the proper angle of the right
    knee on the back and forward swings. When combined with a slight cupping of
    his left wrist, this move produced optimum balance and control, and allowed
    him to apply as much power and speed to the ball as he wished.

    Most golfers on learning Hogan’s secret will probably try imitating it. But
    they’re not him, so chances are good that even if they succeed in copying
    the move, they won’t have the same success that he had. So what’s the point
    of this golf tip?

    The point is that all good golfers have a swing key. But the swing key is
    different for each golfer, as I tell players taking golf lessons from me.
    What works for Hogan or Nicklaus, might not work for you. If you’re serious
    about playing better golf and lowering your golf handicap, you’ll work on
    discovering what your swing key is. And that only comes through playing and

  10. Thanks for the quick reply, Christo I was wondering do you have a video or
    segment that you show your beautiful swing from griping the club to hitting
    the ball in steps or what moves come next. I have been replaying the hogan
    secret again and again and it’s fantastic. 

  11. These videos are awesome. It just dawned on me that Shan Gra La is the
    “secret” behind why Hogans swing also looked the best. Just like MJ’s shot
    form, the best look the best doing it! And all this Moe Norman talk is
    bull. You can see he has no power. I hit my putter perfectly square but I’m
    not about to take it off the tee. Power is the equalizer in great golf and
    no one can dispute the power in Hogans swing. Thanks Christo for breaking
    this down. It makes sense when you explain it!

  12. These are probably the three most essential points for any golfer with a
    rotation driven swing.
    The proof is in the pudding, you hit the ball really well in your videos. 

  13. your videos were the genesis of a reinvestigation of my own swing
    mechanics. After spending the past couple months, 2-3 days a week, I am now
    killing the ball. The important thing for me…? I know WHY. When I don’t
    kill it? I know WHY. thanks MSE.

  14. agree with everything you said, the golf swing is a work in progress at all
    times, just when you think, i’ve got it, it’s gone, that is why hogan dug
    it out of the dirt and kept digging it, all his life

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