Ben Hogan – Look back at the Life of Hogan

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Hyno Designs – Reel of videos on the Day Ben Hogan passed away back in 1997

This video tape suffered damaged like many other recordings, it has not been restored other than using good hardware for the play back.

William Ben Hogan (August 13, 1912 – July 25, 1997) was an American professional golfer, generally considered one of the greatest players in the history of the game.Born within six months of two other acknowledged golf greats of the 20th century, Sam Snead and Byron Nelson, Hogan is notable for his profound influence on golf swing theory and his legendary ball-striking ability.


ipmala says:

Hogan…a great golfer….but a *real ASSHOLE* JERK in person. *A fucking PRICK.*
Just ask Johnny Miller…or….Tom Kite. They will tell you about this OLD mother fucker.
And….he refused to call Arnold Palmer by his real name. Hogan was a *piece of shit.*

shinzon k says:

he was a dick ti Arnold so i dont car for him

seer says:

Ben's record is certainly beyond question but it is what his "fellow" golfers observed and said about his game and especially his ball striking that resonates. After the wreck I believe the vision in his left eye was affected and this probably affected his putting. As ball strikers go he is certainly among the top five elite. He "had it" and never lost it unlike some pros.

cndvd says:

I wonder why he didn't talk and wasn't friendly ? His book messed me up, but I didn't have a swing anyway since I was a beginner.

Dennis Jordan says:

Ben Hogan was my hero. I actually wrote him a 20 page letter. I waited 3 weeks and nearly gave up hope. Then on a Friday evening after working my butt off I got home and opened up the mail box. BOOM!!!! There it was. The letter like Mr. Hogan's game was perfect. On 11/14/2012 I was ran over by a car. I suffered traumatic brain Injury, broken back,broken sternum, Crushed Pelvis. I work my ass off everyday and am now at 85%. I told my wheel chair, walker, cane to, "Hit the Pike". Ben "The Hawk" Hogan would shake my HAND !!!! Jordan Pride!! Dennis F. Jordan

Danny Jones says:

Let us appreciate both of their talents along with rest of worlds great golfers.

Billy Paczesny says:

Look at that swing, way ahead of its time… Looks like all the modern swings nowadays

nobodyaskedbut says:

Hogan was the greatest of all-time and it's not really even close. However, one has to understand the game to appreciate this conclusion. Between 1941 & 1956 he finished in the top 10 AND scored under 290 in 12 straight US Open attempts. This despite his career being interrupted TWICE by WW2 and his near fatal car accident in 1949. He accomplished that amazing feat on 12 different courses and won FIVE times. The next longest streak by anyone else is 4. To put this incomparable achievement into perspective consider the following: In the 1970 Open NIcklaus, Palmer & Player all failed to break 300!! AND more than a half century of golf technology later, Woods scored under 290 FOUR times in the Open between 1998 and 2015. Hogan also, owns the longest consecutive streak of top 10 finishes in modern majors at 18 (1947-56) and the longest streak of top 5 finishes at 12 (1939-47), next longest top 5 streak is 7. He shot 276 to win at Rivera in the 1948 Open which was played at 7000 yards! He scored 271 at Pinehurst in the 1942 North&South Open at 6879 yards to shatter his own course record by 6 and also in 1942 scored 271 to win his 1st US Open (Hale America National Open). These incredible scores were made despite players not being allowed to clean the ball on the green until 1960. He's the only one to win 10 times in a year twice (13 in "46 & 10 in '48). The only one to win 3 straight major attempts TWICE (1950-51/ 1953). Between 1948 and 1953 he won 8 of the 11 majors he played in and of course, was almost killed in '49. There is more but just the feats listed here are enough to separate him from all others who have ever played the game.

TheNYgolfer says:

"no one has won more than 2 majors in a single season"??? Really? Does "Tiger" ring a bell ? He won 4 in a row. Something NO ONE else has EVER done in the modern era

Ivan Sanders says:

No such event as the 'British Open,' nor has there ever been such an event.

John Clark says:

Must have hit it good. couldn't be better than WOOSNAM at his best. That's IMPOSSIBLE.

ysgol3 says:

I heard when they operated on his colon tumour they discovered it was benign. So they found the only part of Ben Hogan that was benign and then they cut it out !

John Rouen says:

There is no doubt,JACK Would alway com thru..greatest of all time,,and he,s a white boy…

Henny Bogan says:

No one worked as hard as the Hawk, thanks for the upload, and all the other ones as well…Happy new year 🙂

micky bang-bang says:

Hogan never watched jack practice …..Hogan isn't got 18 majors either

Ligerpride says:

An amazing golfer, thanks for uploading.

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