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Click For Free Video: Ben Hogan Power Move | Learn It Now!

So you may have noticed when you are watching a lot of top pros or really good ball strikers out there, as their club starts the downswing, it starts to flatten out.

In this video we are going to talk about why you want to flatten out the club, what kind of plane you want the club on coming down, and how this is going to give you more power.

But before we do that, lets take a look at Ben Hogan doing this motion, so you can see this from one of the greatest players of all time!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Doug Kercher says:

Are you a golf pro or a tennis pro?

dan caucci says:

IT does not matter if you choose a flat swing plane or a more steep swing plane .. What all the great players do is have the grip end of the club pointed at the target line on the down swing and when the hands have reached hip level the butt end of the club is pointed directly at the ball just before the release occurs..  This is fact,, I've done video analysis for thousands of my students. Every week my co workers and myself would record the leading players on the PGA tour and show them to our students.  If the camera is in the correct position ,,, in line with the hands at address ,,you will see the great players are on a similar plane on both the back swing and the downswing .. Draw a line from the middle of the shoulders  to the ball at address . That swing plane  is the key for most great players.. The hands will be under the swing plane line at address but will be dead on line through the release and impact. Freeze frame any great player just before the release and you will see the grip end of the golf club pointed directly at the ball.

Ncrypt3d - says:

So here's the thing. At exactly 9:13 in the video, a crazed raccoon runs in from the right side of the screen.

Grant Peeples says:

You're the only teacher I've ever heard say that Hogan rolls his hands through impact. Dead wrong

Jim Smith says:

Hopefully people are not consciously flattening the swing. If you are turning your hips properly, you are basically pulling the club with you .. and if you are generating enough power in that move… the club is going to naturally drop.

Miles says:

This is not good advice. You cannot rotate the wrists clockwise and then counterclockwise on the downswing. Most players who follow this advice will block the ball out to the right and will not be able to close the face in time.

Fake TonyAbbott says:

Truly fantastic videos Clay, I am very appreciative. Have joined your Top Speed subscription site. Incidentally, you seem yo know a huge amount about biomechanics. What was your training?

Bob Van Wagner says:

great explanations of instruction on all of his videos thumbs up keep it up

Eric Benson says:

This move feels the opposite of what my body wants to do (I cup my wrist) but after practicing with hundreds of swings today all I can say is WOW

so that's what it feels like to have the arms and hands "come along for the ride"

This finally helped me cure my OVER the top , and it was because the last thing I want to do instinctually from the top of my backswing is bow my wrist and hold my right hand like I'm holding a pizza but it's the only way I've been able to drop in the slot and then fly through the impact zone

Great video.,,.thx a ton …also, I had to consciously tuck my right elbow into the top side of my body to really nail this

Thx again , great video

D S says:

Actually, if you are struggling with a slice, it's because your body is trying to tell you that your golf swing is naturally a fade shot, so don't fight it !!!!!!! just work with your natural tendency and open your stance a little, and swing along the line of your feet, just play a fade– golf is very rewarding if you just play a fade especially into the greens!!!!!! don't fight it, work with it!!!!1

D S says:

Drop and roll, baby, drop and roll !!!

Xiaoxu Zhou says:

Dj did exactly the opposite

vinson shinabery says:

Not well organized and planned out, too general. Most important point was quicly stated and nerver mentioned again.. Clib gets steeper through ball.

Tom Lawson says:

hey Clay

When you state "release the club" does this mean turning the club over/ rolling the club over ?

Thank You

Andy Phan says:

When did you start golfing

Terry Young says:

Ok. I just got tired of looking and ordered the darn Foresight Simulator and monitor.

Terry Young says:

Ok. I just got tired of looking and ordered the darn Foresight Simulator and monitor.

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