Ben Hogan Principles: Palm Up Palm Down

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Gary Smith says:

Wish I’d seen this a few years ago when it was first posted ! Excellent

e james says:

my hands were coming apart at impact but this "palm up to palm down" thing has really helped me understand the feeling going through impact. It's kind of the "last piece of the puzzle".

Steven Tyers says:

Yay, someone who knows why this is so important… Go an look at all the best ball strikers, they all in this position before impact. Look at Daly, huge natural talent, does this. This will even make your short game a million times better, when you start using your hands more to control the shot. A surgeon does not use his body, he uses his hands..

Rob Wiley says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've never heard it explained this way… Great drill..

Janice Kogut says:

Do you know of any pros that still swing like this? Name a few. It works imo

Janice Kogut says:

This is more like my swing and not what the others teach. It works for me

b l chouhan says:

very good. thanks

Brett Karst says:

Excellent Lesson….

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