Ben Hogan PTx Irons Review

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Gino L says:

Where's the Maltby DBM Forged review?

Roberto Rodriguez says:

I use these on the WGT game.

Claudio Perfetti says:

I’m not crazy about the lofts instead of iron #’s on the sole. Especially if the lofts get adjusted.

Big Will says:

Nice review, fellas!

Dave L says:

What shaft is he using?

Fire Convoy says:

Fantastic reviews guys
Those Hogan's look great.
Matt gotta take it easy on the poor screen… You guys will be replacing it soon.

Randall Pennington says:

Please do a review of the Ping G410 Crossover. I enjoy your reviews and there is no place within 2 hours of me to even try to get fitted and I am left handed and they almost always do not have models for me to get fitted properly.

Peter Rodriguez says:

2019 Cobra F9 driver & Hogan PTX irons for Matty. Great review if possible i would like to see another test with these irons with a rec golf with an average swing speed.

Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino says:

You OWN the low toe ??
Welcome Matt to the low toe club ??

Alex Berry says:

Great content as always!

Rhize says:

I think that's a horrible way to sell clubs. Yes, they are cheaper and you can try one but that is not how you make money in the golf industry. You need to offer a full custom fit and a satisfaction guarantee, simple as. I wouldn't be surprised if they either go bust or get bought by someone bigger again. Why do they think they know better than the likes of Titleist, mizuno or ping? Basically they are trying to maximise their profit cutting out the middle man but they put the integrity of the product in jeopardy. Looking at all the successful golf club manufacturers and then doing someting completely different is not the way to go in my opinion. Time will tell.

Jeffrey Yoder says:

Attention Hogan – make TXG a fitter/distributor for your clubs.

Scott Timmins says:

Matty will be peeing in a cup soon ???

goodswen mark says:

best honest is txg love it.

Jeff Shawver says:

You guys got me going hmmmmmmmmmm…….Hogans huh? I have the old Hogan edges from like the late 80's. Might have to give these a serious look. Well done as per usual fellas

Adam Klimsza says:

I work at a big box sporting goods store (won’t name) but I recommend hogan irons to as many customers as possible, I have them in my bag and I’ve never hit a club as fantastic as it, especially for the price, props to you all as well for doing the same

ripyerballs says:

Great video lads brilliant that you review the underdog or smaller companies excellent keep up the fantastic work cheers Peter

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