Ben Hogan Release- No Roll

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MartialGolf says:

Very informative! I've always been confused by the Coleman video because it looks like he has a lot of forearm movement. Is it possible that Mr. Hogan knew these videos would be watched and was purposely trying to hide his secret? It's bizarre….

randy underwood says:

when i was a young player…i had a fault of "turning" my right wrist under too soon. i added loft and or hit fat. i played most of my life "flipping" my wrist over on top of my left hand and made better contact but, fought too much hook. now…. i am trying to get back to that move where the back of my right hand is facing more to the ground after impact and the clubhead is going more around my body and to the left. it aint easy after so many years of doing it the other way. i still have that timing issue. too early is no good and too late it feels like my hands are racing out in front of me and the clubhead is too far behind. any thoughts?

wyo7215 says:

thank you for pointing this out

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