Ben Hogan “Reverse Every Natural Instinct”

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In this video I talk about Ben Hogan's curious advice to reverse every natural instinct. I believe he was making a serious point that is backed by my other idol, Jack Nicklaus!

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Mike from Louisiana says:

Good to see Stan! Miss that guy! Learned a lot Christo! Thanks man

Wentao Wang says:

Yes the golf swing starts from the ground up BUT this part of the swing is hard to learn and hard to teach. Try pushing with lower body and you can't get consistent ball contact. There are too much compensation in Hogan's swing in my opinion.

tpdtopcop2010 says:

Do you ever plan on going on the road with your MSE intensive? I am sure others would like to attend in different states! Just a thought.

Danielsan says:

This could be what he meant.
But I actually think what Mr. Hogan says, it relates to the ball flight. Think about it…..
When you, as a new golfer start at the game and see the ball flight. See the ball curve. You think about what to do to straighten the flight. And actually you kind of have to do the opposite to make it curve differently.
He understood that more than anybody.
It it acctually natural to start from the ground, body, arms and hands….If you first over think it you might start doing it wrong ..
Look at tennis and other sports where you have something in your hands to hit with…

Mickey Hill says:

I didn't know Theoden plays golf…

Joseph Park says:

is it free?

Joe Public says:

Disagree. I swing like my body tells me, full and wide. I hit it 300 and am a 3 handicap. What works for you may not work for me and vice versa. Golf is not one size fits all.

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