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In this video I discuss how I believe Mr. Hogan leveraged the handle of the golf club.

This is a trailer for my new movie about Ben Hogan! It is available here…!/…

The Hogan Code is available here!

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Ced Louis says:

Wow awesome. I just finished watching the Hogan Code…All I could say is WOW…I've watched your videos for years, and you've outdone yourself Christo…and those incredible slo-mo's of your shots at the end…wow..That was some amazing ball flight and distance!!

Larry McCraw says:

Cristo, in your BS and DS do you focus more on the butt of the club and where it goes, or on the clubhead and where it goes.

Thomas Fraser says:

Hi Christo what you call the push/ pull; I believe is the same swing that tennis players do with their two handed grip of their tennis handle along with their swinging their forearms. If you recall in a previous remark I said that the hands return to their exact location as they were when the hands are set up for the swing. I told local golf pro Ted Foster here in NH; who runs a 5 star golf camp for kids all summer; my full shoulder rotation/ vertical arms theory of golf and how when done properly spirals our body down to our feet. Eddie Merrins said to swing the handle of the club in the same manner as a tennis player and believe me it works. In fact after showing Ted my swing at 70 years old; he has ask me to be a volunteer coach for his kids at camp this summer. I told him I am a lousy player on the course. He said good. You help me show the kids how to swing a golf club and every Monday I will play and coach you through a round of golf free. Deal done!?

hitdog042 says:

How many secret moves are you going to claim Hogan has?… Just enough to get some.guy to pay 25.00 to get.instruction from an amateur… Crazy.

Peter Crocitto says:

Sorry see both Mo Norman was a much better ball striker

Michael Michalka says:

Perfect, I really like this explanation of the the Hogan mystic…

Art Lazarz says:

Great photos of Mr. Hogan's swing…..very helpful, even if I put my own dna stamp on it…..thank you.

Desmond Atkinson says:

Very interesting…Great work on this discovery…People who truly love the game are the one's most successful at it.  When I say "love", I mean the people who naturally just love to work at their game.  Ben Hogan did, and so do you…Keep up the excellent work.  I can't wait to talk to my brother about your discovery.

Finley Lyons says:

read Hogans will tell you all you need to know about "the secret"

Waqar Ghulam says:

I share for your passion for Mr. Hogan's swing, though I am a shitty golfer at least at the moment. I think the handle move is the effect and not a cause. I think it the effect of his awesome pivot. He hits the ball very late. You have a great swing by the way. ??

Tom Settles says:

Thanks for all the cool stuff you post, Christo. Hogan had a great swing, but how about the longest lasting and most productive swing ever? How about a movie for "Mr. Snead" ? Winning-est golfer of ALL TIME, beat Hogan 2 out of 3 in head to head tournaments, finished 3rd at PGA Championship at age 62, oldest winner on PGA Tour, consistently outdrove pro golfers 30 years younger in tournaments, All-Star Golf and Challenge Golf tv shows.

crookesstixz swaami says:

great ideas bro but….if you had worked out Hogan,youd be on tour,simple

Ed Anderson says:

Best golf swing? Mr. Bobby Jones

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