Ben Hogan slow motion sequence at Seminole Golf Club – Florida

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Ben Hogan describes his slow motion practice swing to friends at Seminole Golf Club.


Paul Edmondson says:

Ben hogan method or (secret) seems to me, weak anti hook grip, open club face at address, half way down, even more open club face , then the magic move… try to hook the hell out of it. Of course from these positions he can't hook it, but he comes mighty close. What do you get if you don't quite get any draw? A dead straight shot.

Gregg Aronoff says:

It's always amazing to me to clearly see how much the pro's are on their left side at impact. Hogan's right heel is off the ground way, way before he makes contact.

seemlyme says:

Is this real Ben Hogan?

Liborio Vitale says:

This movie wasn't taken at Seminole GC. It was taken at George Coleman's property in Florida by Seminole GC. The story goes that the Coleman's had new video camera they wished to try out, and George wanted to film Mr Hogan's swing. He agreed, on the exception that no one but the Coleman's and their closest friends be allowed to watch it.

Billy Johnson says:

Wow. The DTL portion really showed the "Shangri la" move. I'm going to the range today.

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