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In this video I talk about Mr. Hogan's fine golf swing and why it took 6 years for me to make this video.

My new movie about Ben Hogan is available here…!/Mr-Hogan-A-documentary/p/87345580/category=0

The Hogan Code is available at


John T says:

Hi Cristo. What move was Hogan making to get his right elbow in front of his hip? Was he actually moving that body part, the right elbow into that position or was he doing something else that moved the right elbow in that position automatically? I find it is hard to move the right elbow into that position by simply trying to move it there.

Isthmic says:

What is the violen music at the end called

Peter Townsend says:

Great video,his book the five lessons is an excellent tutorial with illustrations,excellent read.

Thomas Fraser says:

Hi Christo, being a Hogan enthusiast myself I would like to share another thought with you with regards to Hogan teaching us about a connective set up. As you might recall in seeing Mr Hogan in an old video on the Ed Sullivan Show 1953 he clearly states that the shoulder which (includes the scapular ) is connected to the elbow which in turn is connected to the hip which is then connected to the knees and the knees connected to the feet. After all these years I feel I finally understood what he was attempting to reveal to a national audience at the time. Mainly that since connections of the body starts at the top (the scapular and shoulders) all one really needs to think about is on the back swing to pull the right scapular back allowing shoulders to turn 90 degrees or more at the top of the swing. This action will provide for the coiling of the body since as Hogan suggested that all parts he mentioned of the body are connected . The downswing will then simply consist of pulling the left scapular back allowing the shoulders to to achieve up to a ninety degree turn at the finish ( depending on one youth) . Another key to Hogan great swing was his use of the trigger finger of his right hand. At age 70 and 50 lbs weight loss I am hitting balls straiter and better then I ever had done before. Thanks for reading and continued success. When you focus on Hogan Scapular and shoulders during his entire swing you will see what I am saying to be true.

Walter Lyon says:

Do you teach about Mr. Hogan's power fade? Did he mostly hit a power fade with all of his clubs? And, how did he do it. In reading and trying follow the teachings in the Five Fundamentals I always assumed that he primarily hit a draw. But now I hear that he mostly hit a power fade. Any help?

Striker 333 says:

I like Hogan's swing. But what really and truly amazes me is how he was able to hit such a variety of shots. What is kind of funny is that we watch Mr. Hogan's swing and think, wow, what an awesome swing. But just looking at his swing is like looking at just the tip of an iceberg. We forget that he could flight a ball so many different ways, low fade, high fade, low draw, high draw, straight shot, basically at will. So in reality he had many DIFFERENT types of swings, adjustments he made to make the ball do what he intended for that particular shot. What we need to learn most from Ben Hogan is, when we go to the range, try to hit a variety of shots, draws, fades, etc. Golf is really about ball flight, trajectory. Even Ben Hogan said he played the course first on the range. The real Ben Hogan was a shot maker, period, not just a pretty swing. Jack Nicklaus was amazed at what he witnessed when he played with Ben Hogan and watched the man flight the ball so many different ways. This is the real mystery behind the man, not his swing in general.

aardvaark069 says:

Christo. It is instructional to notice how this sequence was edited. I think a big key is Hogans' little head move just before takeaway. It is not shown here. this swing starts after the head move. Hogans' cigarette holder I think was used by him to precisely gauge this move. It was an alignment tool for him. In plain view if you know where to look? I wonder.

shinzon k says:

is this Conan the barbarian music?????

aardvaark069 says:

Christo. Look at babe Ruths baseball swing to really see the most incredible lateral move in sports.

aardvaark069 says:

I think the pushpull is not in the hands but originates in the left shoulder and down the arm so that no unneeded tension and complication comes into the swing through the individual use of the hands and forearms. Am I analyzing this correctly?

JayZoop says:

Not to get off the subject but at 7:33 I've been experimenting with the feeling of the left elbow turning over or decelerating to allow the hands to break over nicely. This prevents the body from overrating, and other good habits. May I get your thoughts on that topic?

Dennis Jordan says:

Your Analysis is 100%

Michael Dodd says:

Great video. I agree a classic swing. His swing didn't hurt his body over time unlike the modern players swing.  Hogan's book Five Lesson is amazingly detailed.  Considering the era he wrote it in and the lack of video tools he had available to him it is obvious he learned every aspect of his swing.

Juan Carlos Montemayor says:

great work man!! congrats. will try to emulate this swing. thanks a lot

MJB says:

Hogan's left elbow folds up against the body in the follow through, but I don't see that in Christo's swing.  Just sayin'.

Archon Abraxas says:

I mounted a cattle prod just off my right hip and practiced in my underwear. That corrected me hips from swaying off the line right nicely.

Neville Van every says:

Latrobe golf club

TwoWise Guys says:

You know I dont wanna be rude or anything like that but if you want more subscribers you should do more swings than just Ben Hogan.


Nice video thanks

Petrina Simmons says:

Excellent tutorial saved me a lot of time and effort. Glad he is your idol will look for the The Hogan Code!

Thomas Fraser says:

Hogan applying a right handed punch is the perfect analysis to his swing. Every golfer and I mean every golfer should try proper shadow boxing prior to his swinging the club. Check out any video on shadow boxing 101. Note the boxer's powerful thrusting of his right arm and fist out to his imaginary opponent through the help of his right hip. knee, and feet. Note in this video that this is the exact sequence Hogan uses in his delivering his punch through the ball. Christo please try my shadow boxing practice technique and let me know if helps you. I am thrilled with it and I think you will be to. Hogan looks like a boxer and I think shadow boxing was his secret. If you ever make a video on my shadow boxing recommendation I would love it if you mention my name. Feel free to spread the word.

James Patchett says:

Hey Christo. Recently found your channel and getting back into golf after some years away and recent medical issues. Can't wait to start my own swing evolution. I am hoping for a repeatable swing to play better golf. Inspirational stuff, keep up the great work

Steve Brymer says:

wrist cock is where I believe he generated all of his swing speed. I am 55 yrs old now. when I was young I hit an 8 iron 150 160. For awhile it took a 6 iron to get 150 yds. Through the years I have watched Mr Hogan, I took some from him and jack Nic. Jack Nicklause on ball position and Mr Hogan on wrist cock. Love your videos, have turned many on to them. You documented a journey into swing mechanics. That makes you pretty damn OK ! I lost wrist cock. I layed off golf for years from being a solid two Handicap. Started playing a few years ago again and was frustrated. Then I watched Mr Hogan and Jack Nicklause and realized I just plain forgot to cock the wrists. At 55 yrs old I now hit the 8 140 150… Keep up the good work Christo. PS…  Pulled the pin and now have the 10.5 Driver and the 15 d 3 wood from Bomb Tech. Love em. Waiting on a full set of wedges as I type. Keep up the good work. !!!

Chris Hearn says:

Great Video!!! Mr. Hogan is my favorite golfer bc his swing was not only his science but his art. I'm working on the same with my swing. I've been playing since I was 5 and though I've always been a good player I have always had swing image issues which has led me to the pursuit of the perfect physics of the golf swing.

Da Guvna says:

How about Mo Norman? He was also a great ball striker and could repeat it every time. Tiger Woods said Hogan and Norman were the only golfers to own their swing. How was Mo's swing not as good has Ben's?

Randy Folk says:

This golfer won 25% of the US Opens he played in.

Clic Clark says:

Nope, it's vintage Tiger that had the perfect swing of all time with Hogan's being a close second!

D Slatt says:

His arms and club shaft create a " Y " at address, unlike say other pro's who seem to create a different looking " Y " because their left arm and club shaft seem to make a straighter line than Hogan's. Please comment on this.

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