Ben Hogan Swing Sequence

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John D says:

Thanks for adding this, it's a great study!!  This is perfectly efficient in it's elegant simplicity of no hitch golf swing physics.  There is absolutely not one inch of any unnecessary motion, thus making it very repeatable for Hogan.  I heard related a comment of his where he spoke of the importance of the grip enabling a simple windup and unwind of the correct swing.  In all the rush to make his "secret" a complicated thing, I think this gets greatly overlooked about Hogan.  He was a study and genius of elegant repeatable simplicity.  Folks, just look at this very video, a perfect example.  I dare you to find any extraordinary or other-worldly move anywhere in it!  He found the correct grip to simply wind and unwind the perfect repeatable physics.  He knew that repeatable, under tournament conditions, was of absolute importance.  And keeping it simple stupid is the best way to repeat anything under pressure.  I think Hogan must have laughed many times at all the written and imaged theories and complications on his swing and secret out there.  Everything he did, including his dress, was calculated elegance.  Not too much, not too little…only what was needed.  Again, look at this swing!!  Wind, unwind.  Coil, uncoil.  But I do believe he found the secret in his grip.  Google the '87 Golf Magazine interview.  He said it ALL, the infamous pronating and supinating, hinges on THE GRIP – his secret.

Michael John Field says:

What an extraordinary swing from an extraordinary man. When you think he did this without video, without Trackman and before so much of golf's modern technology and funding. Take away the extra wrist load and this is so close to what the pros are all doing now. I presume it is the pre-crash swing (which Hogan believed was the better one, despite the legendary 1953 year etc). Great video – thanks for uploading it.

Michael Thomas says:

No golfer ever hit the ball like hogan


all past parallel, that's a horrible swing, …. ?. but I'm a bit past parallel too, so ? , working on it, and getting there, I'm sure Ben Hogan is one of these new reincarnated young golfers.

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