Ben Hogan – The Golf Grip

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Ben hogan's golf grip


jorgeq says:

53 idiots think they are better than Ben Hogan

Mandy Gould says:

Hogan spent hours upon hours in perfecting the links that made him a legend. Do you think people can copy what he did by going to the range once a week and playing on a course once a week. I love the entire history of Bens life from struggling to make money to becoming the best golfer of all time, but i flip my eyes at the thought of golfers trying to copy what he did. You talk about Bens short thumb,, well Ben had huge hands, would you recommend that to someone with small hands?
Ben shifted his weight onto the right leg and his weight shift was amazing because he lifted the heel on his left foot to increase the torque which i believe was copied by Jack Nicholas. Can you imagine the ave golfer trying that LOL?
I would love to see more footage of Ben himself not people on youtube telling us what his secret was !! Ben perfected that swing over many years and many hours and that is coming from a super talented person.

cndvd says:

This can make you hook and can ruin your golf game. But that is due to other things in the actual swing that is flawed. But when a beginner I started hook which almost made me quit. So beware, you will have to adjust your swing too, if you start hooking bad, so bad. But I use the basic grip now and pretty much never hook, only when experimenting at the range.

Anthony Stewart says:

Good video, very helpful!

Jens Wabbels says:

Bitte in deutscher Sprache

Caesar Augustus says:

excellent video

Denis Simic says:

There are severaI things for how to pIay goIf better
Practise your goIf swing in sIow motion
Position your feet properIy
Learn the best body posture
(l Iearned these and why they work from Gavs goIf tactic site).

Dickie Hood says:

Yes – immediate results….no hooking and pretty straight. Sorry boys at Painswick golf club but no lost Golf balls this week 🙂

Slasher 78 says:

I played baseball for years and now use the vardon grip i have noticed i get more feel fron the vardon grip

e james says:

I feel like the left hand is pressuring to the right and the right hand is pressuring to the left.And the club is secured in that manner.

Stephen Part says:

I am bewildered by all of the experts on these sites. You would think you are all PGA professionals winning every week. Seriously. Stop trying to be the expert and thinking you know betterr. Just go out and try it and see if it works. If it doesn't go back to your none professional weekly golfer game.

Hubert Macachor says:

A Vardon and Interlocking grip is more powerful than a baseball grip because you have a longer arc.

Hubert Macachor says:

There is no professional who understands why the grip is Vardon or Interlocking grip instead of a 10 finger or baseball grip. If you understand the principle write it here.

Thomas Huettner says:

You never explain what the Hell a long thumb is.  is it moving the hand up the club, is it bending the thumb to shorten it.  if the former, how does moving the hand up the c;ub shorten the thumb.  CONFUSED

nwahforever says:

I'd rather grip like Hulk Hogan

amfohr says:

The instruction about the V's is useless, if you have large hands you have much more overlap of the thumb and that is not fixed by a midsize grip. What matters is where you make contact with the grip INSIDE the hand, the outside can cover up all kind of grip issues.

steve Fowler says:

I find it very interesting that Ben made that subtle thumb change to a slightly weaker grip to eliminate his hook…i discovered the exact same thing; I started playing with the typical slice then got somewhat straight, then took lessons at Bay Hill (Dick Tiddy) who taught me to draw the ball and then my bad shot became a hook which some days I would struggle with all round…trying to find a way to get rid of the hook I was messing around at teh range and discovered with a weaker/more neutral grip my hook tended to turn into a straight ball…so I made the same change and after getting used to it, my game improved to the point that I became about a 5 handicapper and shot par a few times and even shot under par  on a difficult track..

Tony Tran says:

why is it important that the v faces the right shoulder?

Serg Kaizen says:

Excellent lesson ty

Brian Pope says:

This grip is a good way to get arthritis lol

Myrtle Beach Golf Schools says:

Jim Mcclean one of the country's best.Senior Golfers can overcome the effects on aging in golf. 5 Keys For More Distance. Why the method most tour players use doesn't work for the average golfer.

ezeddie32 says:

If you want to play good golf you MUST have a GREAT-not good, grip! To me the best advice I have seen on the golf grip is in this video. For me personally the payoff and key is from 4:26 to 4:44. High right hand as opposed to on the side, or worse from under the left hand. This caused me to be severely under plane in my back swing, and hit big pull hooks.!

Manny Chooch says:

the only grip i that  i know that was close to hogan was stan leonard's grip.

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