Ben Hogan v Eureka

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Ben Hogan was one of the best ball strikers of all time. Look at the similarities between the Eureka move and the motion of a genius.
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Steven Shaw says:

I am a big fan of the eureka, however I can’t make it work with Driver or woods!
Would you give a bit of input PLEASE??

Gaëtan De Roy says:

Love it !!! ??????

Martin Latham says:

The more I try this the better it feels in terms of torque and swinging through. Watched eureka driver video and not sure that works as well. How do you play this when looking for a cut – club face control? I just get slight draw.

MisterDaveB says:

Steve I thought Mr Hogan did promote aiming his feet (not shoulders) left with higher loft clubs by mid to long iron he was aiming parallel and with longer clubs his feet were aimed right. As I recall he felt a player needed to aim feet right with longer clubs to promote good backswing, but left with higher lofts and shorter swing so he could get out of the way/ clear hips better.

Mark Nixon says:

Steve does not Hogan explain your Eureka move in 5 lessons?He said from 6 iron down to wedge he gradually opened his stance to the target line.Maybe thats why you had your eureka moment like hogan did 65 years ago.In reality it was his Eureka moment and 65 years later you found that his digging it out of the dirt Eureka moment was his.You just stumbled upon his science in your journey.But non the less you explain a swing philosophy lost by todays modern swing mechanics and sports science and why are instructors trying to change the wheel no matter how you try to change a wheel it still is fundamentally round.

Zach Harrison says:

Hi Steve, do you change anything for the driver, I hit all my clubs well with your method except the driver. The driver your way is a big slice.

gary etherson says:

Can u add a super slow motion look at this move. Also are you able to hit big slinging push draws on demand. I watched this on tv but cudnt see the flights that well.

Aram Avakian says:

Steve, Great stuff as always love your teachings on the youtube. Is the arm across the chest the same move for the driver?

Garry Grant says:

I'm having limited success. I understand standing open, shoulder square. Is the club face square to shoulders or square to the swing line?
Any chance of a bird's eye view of set up including the club face alignment?
Thanks. man.

Douglas Pudsey says:

Steve, thanks tried it and this works for me very well…..cheers

nigel brooks says:

I`m starting to like this EUREKA move

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