Ben Hogan’s hands golf swing drill and exercise results

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Michael Robinson says:

a nice propane heater would do you well!!

Keith Mancinelli says:

I blew it. I couldn't get it right, but I do get what you're saying. I'm going back out today, i'll give it another go!

Peter Ferguson says:

Steve I have only 1 eye my left and am really struggling with my driver to get a in to out club path any advice video on disability would be good

Paranoid Android Golfer says:

Hogan did that move back then cause the ball and the club's needed soon too work with modern technology that's over kill buddy feel roll motion cheat the mind

Douglas Robertson says:

Didn’t understand what your point was after the first video,now I do. The bit about the flat left wrist made everything clear. Can’t use our local range after midday, low winter sun and all that, but tomorrow morning I’m on it. Thanks for another top drill. More course vlogs as well please when you get time, maybe around some different borders courses.

Simon Taylor says:

On the down swing I find it hard to get weight on left side I hit ball but I don’t seem to get weight and club to finished in position

Barry Norris says:

Is there equipment news on the way Steve?

Christian Traynor says:

Ridiculously great explanation and way to think of this. Been drawing and contacting beautifully today after watching yesterday!

R.J. Johnston says:

Steveo-could you please do a combo video? I would like to hear how you would combine "Top passing bottom then closing" with your Hand Path video with the two canes/clubs on the ground ( this video really worked well for me). Thanks and I am learning very much from your channel- Subscribe button hit!

Keith Hassall says:

Brilliant Steve, Failed miserably in execution of the first part, gave up thought you'd had a blonde moment.

Michael Shaw says:

When do the hands release, or is the feeling that you’re ‘holding on’?

William Wilson says:

Hogan's 'Fundamentals' is one of only the few instruction books I have on the golf swing alongside Watson's 'Getting Up And Down' – funnily enough illustrated by the same dude with the wood cuts, Anthony Ravielli. Nice explanation, but if you're a long time flipper, it ain't easy to emulate!

Martin Somers says:

Brilliant, pure brilliance,

Simon Taylor says:

I’m having problems with transition can you do a demonstration cheers

Man Monkey says:

Merci, tu es un génie du golf ( from France,) you are a genius thanks you

Alex Ham says:

One of your best vids yet mate fantastic I will practice this all winter cheers

Andy Callanan says:

Is the feeling the same for a driver?

Bas Roodenburg says:

Great stuff again Steve

James Goggin says:

Brilliant Steve. I just love the detail you go into in your lessons, especially this latest one. I don't want be a complete my numpty, but I guess you did lesson using the Eureka method?

blair simpson says:

man i freaking love you make the mornings so much better when i am having cereal makes my day come alive and productive

Graeme Hume says:

Thanks for the mention Steve ! Keep the good stuff going

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