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We're taking a look at Ben Hogan's unique hip movement to see why he made this move and what you can take out for your game. Hogan rotated his hips so that his tail bone moved towards the target in the backswing, allowing him to quickly turn around his left side in the downswing. He started making this move because he had a lot of lateral movement in his old swing, so this allowed him to control that movement and use it to his advantage. He said, from this position, that he could turn at the ball as hard as he liked.

Unlike a lot of other players, Hogan had an upright posture at address. His right hip rotated back very deep in the backswing meaning that he created more angle during the backswing as his hips went back and his rib cage went forward. This move could really help you if you early extend in your swing. This deep hip turn left room for his arms to drop into in the downswing, allowing him to keep his arms very much in front of himself.

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Alan King says:

Great explanation of Hogan swing Dan , one of the easiest to understand I've ever seen

Paul Pinard says:

Great Video Dan- This certainly applies to me and issues I have with swaying both on the backswing and through-swing. I will start to try these idea's and hopefully, you will see improvement in this area in my next video. Thanks again Mate!

Dean Mitchell says:

I seem to recall a video you did where you guarded against this move because it can be a power drain? Is that the point you're making at the end where without a decent load into the right glute it can look nice but not achieve decent resutls?

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