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Ben Hogan's Five Lesson's The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

In this video I illustrate the importance of proper training, using Ben Hogan's training exercise starts on page 81-83

The exercise you get the feeling the body is swinging the club, please don't confuse this exercise as stating that the arms don't play a key role in the golf swing, the purpose of this exercise is to feel the action of the arms is motivated by the movements of the body.

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thatwilldonicely says:

i read Hogan did that exercise soon after getting out of bed!

Big Bopper says:

I was glad to see you back, I enjoy all your videos and the music accompanying them.I especially enjoyed The Plane of Glass and your tribute to Arnold Palmer. I made a plane of glass training aid and found it most beneficial in developing my swing. I was disappointed to see all but one video taken off your channel. I hope you are well and plan to continue with new videos and repost the previous ones.

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