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► In this video, Golf Monthly Technical Editor Joel Tadman tests out 10 of the latest and greatest distance irons out at West Hill Golf to see how they perform. He goes through the looks, feel and performance of the irons, before picking his favourite in the verdict so make sure you watch until the end to see what his top distance iron for 2020 is!


Cobra King Speedzone

Cleveland Launcher UHX

Callaway Mavrik

Honma XP-1–world-xp-1-golf-irons-steel-mens-right-handed

Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal

Ping G710

TaylorMade SIM Max OS

Titleist T400

Yonex Ezone GS

Wilson Launch Pad

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Marc says:

I just had a fitting and I went for Ping G710 after several tries.
In one word : I go longer with a Ping 7 iron lofted 29,5° than with my current 6 iron lofted 26°, with more consistency. But I must admit that the ALTA Distenza shaft is not for nothing.

Marc says:

Can a club be "the best" for any (average) golfers ??
How can a professional claim seriously "this club is the best for you" talking to 92k followers ?

reuk says:

I know Yonex as badminton equipment brand

How their golf clubs perform?
Curious to know

David Harris says:

Test with matched loft, or matched distance otherwise the test is completely pointless

RamsnDodgersfan says:

On dispercement is l5 better or worse than l7, how does it work?

RamsnDodgersfan says:

The data and what i have seen from other online tests does not support you warning about low ball flight from the t400… one of the most surprising things in tests is compared to other game improvement irons with more loft, it still has higher launch and actuatual hight nubers.

Steve Coffey says:

Thanks for the good work on the test. I would now be interested in makeup of a full set of clubs PW to 3 iron in your top brand. What would be the lofts for each club? Thank you

Grigsby Poland says:

Great idea for a video but as others have said, I would like to see these irons tested with graphite senior flex shafts and slower swing speeds if possible. I'm 69 years old and I can no longer relate to hitting a 7 iron 185 yards with heavier steel shafts.

Grigsby Poland says:

Since you have them all together in one place can you please answer the question, "Which of these distance irons has the thinnest top line?" Thank you. ?

Paul McGee says:

Many of these are just too expensive

buks on says:

Meh! All depends on the person swinging the club .

Mange Larsson says:

Interesting that Ping irons always score well on consistency. My i210s are super consistent and accurate. And Ive used and tried a lot of players irons.

MidLifeBiker says:

The black will probably scratch up on the Ping and look awful at the end of a season. Im not a fan of their coloured dot system for lie angle either as it reduces resale and something else to mess with your subconscious.."I got the green but perhaps the blue would have been better…argh.."
I think you should have included price and perhaps graphite shafts with a senior/female as a 2nd opinion.
Good clear review though just your not the target market..

A Merz says:

I have a slow swing speed, 80mph with driver as a senior golfer. Based off my swing speed which irons would you recommend I demo. Any thoughts are appreciated.

welshjim22 says:

Tried the Mizuno JPX 921's the other day a good 10-15 years longer than current 800's. But do I really want longer clubs just because the loft has been changed.

August Tidstrand says:

I recently bought a set of Cobra Speedzones. Really happy with them!

John Lowe says:

Agree with the winner

Bob Krulish says:

It's too bad you did not include Miura's, which I believe to be the best irons in the world. Maybe you can test them next time.

Gary Gupton says:

I have been playing the G710 and I am really happy with them. I think they will be in the bag a long time.

Tim Stickney says:

Good review for the amount of clubs, but I have to disagree on one point. If the Titleist isn't really for slow swing speed players, you shouldn't have included it. The golfers who really need distance probably suffer from lack of carry, which that iron wouldn't give them. Maybe should have done the testing with a slower swing speed player, the target audience for this style of club. Surprised you chose the Ping, expected the Mizuno or Cobra. Thanks for the video.

Narendra Dhaneswara says:

Nice review, but it is not really apple to apple comparison.
Titleist TS400 should be compared to other irons with 26 degree loft (7 iron).

For instance, Titleist TS400 vs YONEX Ezone CB701 vs YAMAHA inpres UD+2 vs CALLAWAY Epic Star vs BRIDGESTONE Tour JGR HF1

axelcheese1 says:

These aren’t distance irons. These are game improvement irons
E.g, Pings distance iron is the i500

Jeffrey Coon says:

I spent a few hrs with most of those also and purchased the 710’s loving them.

Steve Smith says:

Have you had a chance to hit any of the Miura range of clubs, i know they aren't cheap but it would make a change from the more exposed brands, i suppose you could do a segment on Japanese made clubs?

Dave Eastcott says:

Are you paid by these companies? Did you pay for these products?

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