Best Drill Ever for Coming Over the Top

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diliviof says:

I was able to get a 73-point shot after reading, practicing, and doing the steps evident in golf swing secrets “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it). Another accomplishment I have made is reaching 13 of 18 greens in regulation. On the other five holes, I got close to hitting five to ten yards with the green. 73s is not a natural thing for me because I have a handicap of 9. When I think it over, I haven’t had an outstanding round for a long period. .

Ethan Haas says:

I read the golf swing secrets “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) soon after I acquired it and the following day I was at the golf field trying out the driving techniques for much longer range. I was amazed when I immediately hit my irons with appropriate divots with strong impact. I was striking approximately ten to fifteen yards farther with my irons than I was used to. Get yours now! .

Josh Jones says:

Fucking white people.


I managed to get a 73-point shot after reading, practicing, and performing the methods evident in golf swing tricks “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it). I also managed to strike 13-18 greens and that was the best one I had ever since I started golfing. I also almost hit the green with a range of Five to 10 yards on the other 5 holes. My handicap is a 9 so I don`t shoot 73s all the time. It has been actually a long time ever since I made an outstanding round.. .

Coach C says:

I have been looking for a fix to my dead left hit for a long time. Tried this at the range today with very good results. It felt like the swing I had way back in the day when I hit a nice draw at will. Cant tell you how many pros I have gone to with no help. Thank you for the free lesson. I'll be pounding balls at the range the rest of the summer.

Sam Lever says:

Game changer! This is the best golf video I’ve seen. Period.

forgedguy says:

Only 2 of your lessens, it changed my golf swing paradigm. Yes they are all about true wisdom here also secret reveal instruction I ever seen through my 20 years of self practising and all YouTube lessens.

Caemen Studios says:

Proper golf swings have to do with learning how and why they are executed and those things are seen in golf swing secrets “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it). My irons raised Fifteen yards and my driver raised twenty-five after I done reading through the tutorial for the second time. My pleasure of playing golf has doubled and my confidence has increased.. .

wreckim says:

OK, this lesson is not for the beginner golfer….but it applies to 99% of all of us that have been playing this game for more than a couple of years. This is the best explanation I've ever heard/seen of this typical amateur move, which I have been dealing with for some time since I discovered I do this. No wonder why sometimes when we swing easy the ball seems to explode…because we're probably letting the club 'lag' and release etc…Thank YOU!!

B A says:

I just can’t the hang of shallowing the club, I tried and every time I put golf ball there I just lash at it ??? just can’t get a feel for the drills ???‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️ so annoying been trying for year

vimal Mittal says:

Not easy to do than saying. It will take me 100 years to learn this drill. Please find something else to make it natural.

brian 924 says:

Wow. Just saw this video, so went to the yard at 10pm and hit 2 shag balls into the woods with great pure contact. The spotlights helped me see. It was solid and on the screws, but I couldn't see the results. Can't wait to take this to the range…thanks

Splag Yetsi says:

Very concise technical video, great job.

Douglas Olsson says:

Bought your program and it's helping faster than 15 lessons. First I really relaxed my grip. Then I tried your step drill. Wow! Even though I haven't quite gotten the shallowing correct most clubs are hitting 20 yds further. Before I was just using my arms which put me on to my back foot and I would top most everything. I just took up golf 6 months ago and things are starting to click. Thanks!

DsevenO says:

This stuff is so key it's hard to overstate it.

Brian Gamble says:

Thank you!!!! Using this video and my Zepp i was able to swOmg 48/50 times today with a negative swing plane. I was seeing about 6mph more in swing speeds and a great ball flight. Outstanding!!

RJ VW says:

The 3rd problem you do not address is the fact that the club face of high handicap players are open and because of that if we go through with the shot as is the ball fades. For that reason in your subconscious mind you correct it by bringing the face down from the outside. If the club face is correct and you come over the top you will snap hook. So in that case you will correct it automatically by coming into the ball on the correct plane and from the inside rather than the outside. Its an automatic action without knowing it or thinking about it. So by making your grip stronger and closing the face a bit more you will be forced to swing more from the inside than from the outside. And the points you address goes with that. It is impossible if the club face is not correct. It is very hard for high handicappers to change their ways. In many cases if we change something we first go worse and then maybe get better if we do not lose our confidence. But if you work on the root causes instead of the problem itself you can get better right away. So if you do not want to swing from outside in do not work on trying not to swing from outside to in. You will waste your time . Work on the root causes and correct them. Then the problem will be solved.

Heatherluvs says:

Epic! Best advice, coaching and video on this available. Thank you!!

Ben Larsen says:

False, proven that people improve faster when focusing on the club rather than body movements.

El Remanso Inn says:

I used to play some golf golf when I was younger and was never very good at. Then something happened that was revelation as to what I had been doing wrong. I was playing baseball and had a collision in the outfield that slightly injured my right shoulder. My ability to hit the baseball immediately improved, as I was forced to switch all the force to my left arm and shoulder, and that straightened out my swing.
After my shoulder got better, I decided to try that with my golf swing, and voila, I was hitting drives like I had never been able to hit before.
Right-handed golfers tend to rely too much on the greater strength of their right arm and shoulder, when it is really the left shoulder and arm that should be doing most of the work. Just relax the entire right arm and shoulder when you swing.

hawaiiguy12345 says:

there is no sound and I cannot read lips.  useless video

No Here Kruger says:

AT 3:50, the guy on the left, his hips move WAY too far back. I'd start with that issue first.

RTFord says:

At 3:36 he pulls the ball to the left. Whoops!

Jonghurn Kim says:

Thanks alot. I watch tons of golf videos. And, this is one of the few videos that I tried, worked, can replicate, and now my body memorize it.

Very simple drill, and easy to follow. Addition to fixing Over the Top, this drill helped me to stop using my arms and use my body more for the downswing.

Glenn Watson says:

I never thought of that. thank you.

Chester Micek says:

I watched your video and I appreciated what you had to say, however, I think there's another way to flatten the downswing. I do it by manipulating my off target shoulder ( my right shoulder) in my shoulder socket. To me, the feeling is that there's a little bit of play in my shoulder socket, and what I do, is to move the bone back and down. This repositions my right elbow and wrists into the Hogan position. After this tweek, my right elbow points down and my right wrist is in the "waiter holding a tray position; while, my left wrist is flat with my forearm.
Sometimes, I just wonder if some of us are built your way; while, others are built my way. Whatever, this works for me & it seems to work for Lydia Ko. She seems to tweak her right shoulder at certain parts of her career. To summarize what I'm trying to write, the whole triangle formed by my arms and wrists seems to move as a unit when I manipulate my right shoulder bone in its socket. The result is that I'm on a new, flatter plane. I hit the ball straight and my divot is also straight at the target.

TD Kane says:

This works, thanks!

Daniel D says:

I’m recently struggling with a dead left pull, I’ve always played long but I have also always known I was an over the top swinger. It’s gonna take a lot of range work but I think this is the best drill I have seen and the easiest way I’ve seen it explained. Thank you

Vine Street says:

Thank you. One of the best tips!

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