Best Drill For An Effortless Golf Swing

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If you're looking to build an effortless swing this is the best drill you can be doing. This drill takes your arms out of the swing. This is the first step in building an effortless golf swing.

Once you get the arms and hitting out of your swing you then speed it up with your body. If you have been hitting with the arms for years how do you ever stop hitting? Well, you have to take it down to nothing.

This drill is difficult for most people. I don't think any student who has ever come to me has ever been able to do this on the first ball. If you find you are having trouble with it keep doing it until you can do it. This might take a few buckets, a week, a month etc. Whatever it takes keep doing it.

Once you master it you have successfully take your arms out of your swing and you are getting used to the feeling of the effortless swing. It is at this point you can speed it up by driving your lower body harder instead of hitting harder. You do this and you will finally hit the ball to your potential. You can do it.

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Greg Woods says:

Awesome video Paul!

Tony Middlehurst says:

This is brilliant tuition.

Karen Groeniger says:

On my backswing I loose my balance when my foot comes up. Why does that happen?

Charles Bennett says:

Trying to slow it down. More of a mental challenge than a physical one. I need to visualize the end result and then emulate that image.. Thus far,, all that I can visualize and emulate is my old crappy, herky jerky swing. However, I am not giving up on achieving that powerful effortless result. Thanks.

Nick Coburn Phillips says:

Thank you Paul. Watched all the support videos and found the biomechanics very helpful šŸ˜€ Will try practice more and more… All the Best! Regards, Nick šŸ™‚

Jack says:

I've just injured myself for the second time in a few months from trying to force power, so effortless golf is my new religion.


You changed my iron game!

Hayden Tharp says:

Hey Paul how do you like those PXGā€™s I just ordered me some gen 2ā€™s at 89 per club what a steal!

John Evans says:

pretty good paul

MMI Golf Tennessee says:

Binged on your vids Paul. I've taught golf for 47 years and gave it up a year ago. You remind me of me at a much younger age and I appreciate how simple you make it for your students. I tried to do the same and my entire way of teaching revolves around one thing. Take them down the road I wanted them to go but let it seem to be their idea. People can learn faster when it's their idea, my job was keep them on the road so they could find their idea. Love your work, it's much appreciated from a former teacher, you make it simple. Cheers and have a great
Week. Now back to your vids.

S D says:

I tried today you know I didn't get so good at the beginning I felt my arms my left is always tightened up when my swing and towards the end of my five wood exercise I was doing 3/4 swings and just ripping my body across just trying to get it to hit the ball and I hit two nice ones about three quarters of where I would normally hit now for 3/4 can do that I can't wait to get the full

Phillip Ismay says:

BRILLIANT Paul cheers mate thnks …yes mate I've finally got it….just hard keeping "slow" tend to get faster after 1st 5-7 holes an got to try to slow down again. Practice….

Ross Parry says:

Paul, I adopt the same tone as you when i get tired of constantly trying to convince people to add a hashbrown to the flaming wraps from KFC. Great stuff šŸ‘

Tim Curfman says:

My wife recently recovered from breast cancer and has lost distance and power in her golf swing. Any tips

Steven Hill says:

I like the use of the swing caddie, but have tried a couple of launch devices that seemed really sketchy. Which one do you like? Love the 2/3rd idea and continue telling everyone about you.

lodwar says:

I will try it! Thanx

Freshboi Nate says:

Hey Paul! How long do you suggest hitting at 2/3rds power?? Am I going to be able to do this while actually playing and still par?

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