Best drill to shallow your golf down swing

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If you want to hit the golf ball further, more accurately and more solidly then you want to work on your down swing being less steep, so that you can rotate your body more through impact. A steep down swing results in you using your arms far too much as you strike the golf ball, which reduces your power and club face control. Try this easy to set up drill to get your arms closer to your body on your down swing when you are next at the range, so that you shallow your down swing and make a better body turn and swing, through impact.

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Chris Ogden says:

Quite simply the best shallowing ur club video online natalie n im not exaggerating, quite terminology on explaining what it does hitting it steep and how to fix it ..great work love.

E. O. says: have the trio,knowledge and communication skill and the sex appeal,lovely accent as well.

GreenLakeNick says:

I just watched this and ran to the range. Best bucket I've hit in thirty-plus years of playing golf. Game — nay, LIFE — changing. Can't WAIT to take this to the course!

E K says:

Great explanation. Very thorough.

Otto Schless says:

Pretty good thought process. Also with the shaft more inclined at impact the tendency is to hit the ball more of the toe of the club.

roger king says:

Thanks Natalie, your teachings are helping my swing!

Bob Butcher says:

Great lesson. Thank you.

max vilikei says:

I’m a man and I like your presentation

freddywayne says:

Outstanding drill & explanation about where the hands should be on the downswing.

Overhand Golf Channel says:

You can't "leave the face open." Those words are detrimental to so many golfers. The problem is not "leaving" the face open but rather closing it too soon which puts the toe or weight of the clubhead ahead of the shaft. The weight of the clubhead wants to be behind the shaft, so when people force it to be in front too early the clubhead corrects itself by moving back behind the shaft and this causes the clubface to be opening through impact rather than closing. This is why so many people try so hard in a futile effort to hold the clubface closed. If you actually can do it, not only does it require a lot of effort but most likely the ball will go left.

To prove this, try to swing a club leaving the clubface wide open. It can't be done. The weight of the toe will cause the clubface to square up. Imagine a ball attached to a string on the end of the shaft. No matter how hard you try to push the ball with the rope you can't, you can only pull it. This is why you a golf club still works when you swing it with only 2 fingers of each hand.

Nobody "leaves the face open." It can't be done.

ligerpride says:

What's the swing aid and is it available anywhere?

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