Best Drill to Stop Hitting Behind the Golf Ball!

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Sometimes the best drills are the simplest – and the cheapest! In this video I show you a great drill to stop hitting fat golf shots.

We also cover the prime causes in your golf swing for hitting divots behind the ball.

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Glenn Wiebe says:

Excellent drill! My wife has trouble with contact and this will help her immensely. I will also get to eat the rest of the doritos! It will be a great excuse to buy what normally is a rare treat.

Jeffrey Tabourne says:

I have never heard of this explanation…. but it fixed my path right away. Balance, continuous speed at the bottom now ( arms don’t lurk ) or weird stuff from too far inside. Brilliant! Ditching the wife and kids to come out for personal lessons ( working hard on all of it)…. lol…such solid ball striking thus far. thanks again for such great content.

초짜프로(82년생 KPGA도전기) says:

Good drill ~~~Thanks!!!

BobC777 says:

Good tips. I would suggest that hitting off mats masks many fat shots so one should try to hit off grass. Put a small marker (or another ball) just outside the ball so you can see where your divot is in relation to where the ball was. At 5:50 you said "I have also circled my low point." I didn't see that anywhere.

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