Best Electric Trolleys 2018 I Golf Monthly

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►Joel Tadman looks at the best electric trolleys of 2018. From the ultra high tech to the compact and easy to use, there is something here for everyone

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Phil England says:

I really think a 2 stroke petrol trolley would be awesome, you could stand on it and get transported:)

Steve Eggman says:

hard to understand these blocks lots of spitting

Rossi Jackson says:

I’ll carry em thanks

outofthisswirled says:

My car is £1500, boy am I watching the wrong review.

Bengt Agert says:

Too much TALK Let the VIDEO tell the story instead We are smart enough!

Kline Games says:

Where is the JuCad Golf Trolley @GolfMonthly

Leon Li says:

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Mr. Nick says:

At 3:20 the cart almost tipped over, watch the two front wheels.

Derek Richford says:

The new Golfstream Vision came out too late for this review but look for the reviews it is getting now!!

phreac phreac says:

Powakaddy Lithium battery size wins ??

D Jones says:

big max nano is much smaller

Mark's Golf Trips says:

How do rate those Ecco shoes Joel?!

grumpy2159 says:

Where’s the Gokart? Lighter, compact & better value.

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