Best F1 drivers ever Top 10

Video of the best formula 1 drivers ever. A Top 10 list of the greatest F1 drivers of all time.

Top 10
1 Michael Schumacher
2 Ayrton Senna
3 Juan Manuel Fangio
4 Alain Prost
5 Sebastien Vettel
6 Jim Clark
7 Jackie Stewart
8 Niki Lauda
9 Alberto Ascari
10 Stirling Moss

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7 thoughts on “Best F1 drivers ever Top 10

  1. My scientific top 10:
         1    Schumacher
         2    Prost
         3    Fangio
         4    Clark
         5    Lauda
         6    Stewart
         7    Senna
         8    Vettel
         9    (Hamilton)
         10  (Mansell)
         13  Ascari
         25  Moss
         *   racing, not qualifying
         *   % champions, % wins, % podiums
         *   % fastest lap, % finished
         *   # of seasons, # of races
         *   era (risk, strength of competition)

  2. …crashed with Hill to take out his title. So are you sure that Schumacher is the best f1 driver in the world? What, just because he won 7 titles and 1 stollen? Think about that. For me Senna is number 1. If he didnt die he would won at least 6 titles.

  3. Schumacher cheated to win the 1994 f1 championship. The car assists were banned at that time and Schumacher's car had traction controll. And in the last race, in Adelaide, he was loosing the race and crashed with Hill to

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