Best Fairway Wood of 2020 // Titleist TSi vs Taylormade SIM

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Who has the best fairway wood of 2020? Taylormade has been the leader in this category for months, but with this late release from Titleist we think there could be another contender for the top spot!

0:00 // Intro
2:19 // Testing
6:03 // Results
7:26 // On-Course Challenge

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

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Kevin McArthur says:

basically 300 yds straight !

AJ Mac says:

Only Scottish youtuber I'll watch and he's in Canada ??… keep up the good work both ⛳?

Paul Comerford says:

None of these seem to be longer than the Callaway Epic Flash 3 wood from previous videos??

Swordpete says:

Would you guys do a review on the srixon zx7 irons? Really wanna purchase this set but wanna hear you guys out first before making any moves

Josh Heiden says:

Great job guys! would a TZ6 75 m4 fit well into either of these? Thanks!

Ben Dorrington says:

Can you do a compilation of your worst shots – I feel as though based on the selection of shots we see that you should have 50 Majors by now.

GoodLife 15 says:

My titleist ts2 is a super fairway wood. Often produces my most impressive shots of the round with any club

Mark Gornall says:

Show an average golfer not someone that hits a 3 wood 300y

Michael Ackley says:

So Matty why not tee off 3 wood 75% of the time?

rwdriver300 says:

Tsi3 would have been a better comparison. SIM TI FW is a pretty low launcher. Great content though ?

Curt Vass says:

Thanks guys – Wish I had seen this before I bought the SIM 4 days ago!

Tom Lawson says:

I now have my favorite excuse of all time. As in "you really shanked that one". "Naw it's just a minor 'swing delivery issue'. Thanks guys you're my favorite youtube channel.

Drew Jones says:

I know the SIM is known for great turf interaction with that classic V-Sole. How does the TSi2 compare for that?
And both are neck to neck with good strikes, what have you noticed with off center strikes?

MegaStan316 says:

Damn you hit them fairway woods has far as I hit my driver around 300 is where my driver is at,

Simon Plumb says:

Ian, have you seen a lot of gains from M5 fairway to SIM?

Chadwick Namasake says:

Hi guys, was the 3 wood the SIM max or Sim Ti?

Golf Buddy says:

And they said YouTube was free…

Kyle Passen says:

Same shaft?

Russell Fothergill says:

Hi Ian, what mats do you use? Are they fiber built? Thanks

Jeff Phila says:

Wow guys, this was an excellent video. Thank you again for the entertainment. A thank you.

Randy Mahony says:

On the Q&A you told me the TM ti and the Titleist tsi were HOT LOL. you were right on the money. Now I have to come up with the money.

MrAhuraMazda187 says:

I was legit confused how you guys actually pic personal clubs to game with all these toys you get to play with weekly. Seems like an impossible task. Then I saw Ians Instagram post about his Miuras and new tour Oban shafts and realized oh, right. Thats how.

No one Important says:

I really wish you guys wouldn’t let Matt hit all the time. When he’s crushing 300 yard 3W’s I get depressed. A few days ago I was all proud of my 250 yard 3W hits and now I keep looking myself in the mirror while saying “amateur” ?. He’s going to cause me to throw my back out trying to feed my pride. Great video and great demonstration Matt.

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