Best Funny Golf FAILS 2018

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Dooggy Sorebumm says:

Some are funny some are morons some I'd kick in the teeth if they did it anywhere near me and we'd all laugh that stupid laugh their moron mates do when they've just lost all their or their mates teeth.

Don't Bet on It says:

I saw a guy once throw his clubs and bag into a pond. He came back later waded into the pond took out his bag and remove his car keys from one of the pockets and threw everything else back in the pond again.

Eddie Etheridge says:

1:08 Drunk Fucker!!????

thecman26 says:

Is that a fatter drunk Frank Calliendo?

Jon Clay says:

3:02 Another wank stain who walks among us. Definite bell end.

J D says:

At 4:14 I nearly injured my bloody neck!!

cyuiyu wyguiyui says:

0:34 fucking disgrace !

Brian North says:

Last vid, where is this? I need some new clubs.

MOREL Renaud says:

4:30 we'll all get there one day, sadly

John Steward says:

such a funny vid

Bladenball says:

You gotta be conceived annaly to stand in front of someone hitting a golf ball.

paul goodier says:

Gob shite embarrassing fucking tossers

phishfearme2 says:

stupid is as stupid does!

Jonghurn Kim says:

More lie Best Stupid Golf Fails.

danthemanwhocancan says:

Great vid! All the thumbs down are from the animal cruelty with the Gator. Normal people hate to see that.

Sascha S. says:

Wrong picture!

Allan Darby says:

What are these idiots doing with a golf clubs in there hands.

Rich Davis says:

2 minute mark people are completely and totally stupid. Could easily have been killed!!

Jon Clay says:

0:27 why be a prick and do that intentionally?

Guy Gabbey Jr says:

I actually jumped back at the 4:16 mark. Ouch!

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