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Golf backswings are taught as a hinge or a coil. My golf fail was coiling. When I began to hinge my golf game became much better.

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Alfred Brown says:

After reading through the golf swing techniques , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) and finishing it a week ago, I tried out the guide’s advices on the field. I had been at it for 30 years, but I was amazed that my swinging abilities was still improved. In addition to that, the practice exercises also helped tweak some tiny but critical positions that I used to think didn’t mean much.

David Eubank says:

Hinge… new term for an old technique.

Roger H says:

Hey Christo, can you do a video on your workout routine, and how it has evolved over the past year?

Troy Paradiso says:

Never mind Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen, Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Jack Nicklaus… the “hinge” swing is the most NATURAL swing for us humans imho. Good stuff Christo!

hedwegg says:

Good Concept & Idea. It's "Practical"! It saves a lot of pain. (Hip & Knee Surgery)! Point:…All for [Upper Body Coordination] with the [Hips, Legs & Feet]…as an…[Interval] for a Successful [Golf Shot]. Note: [Interval] is the [Timing & Events] for the [Grip & Swing] to [Deliver] the [Clubhead to the Ball] for the [Release & Golf Shot] to occur. Good job, Christo.

madskrillz2 says:

I started playing golf 5 years ago and turning my hips along with my shoulders is what felt natural. I had no idea coiling was a thing. I have tried it just to see what it felt like and what all the fuss is about. I honestly don't get it at all. For me personally, I don't see how coiling would be an advantage in any way. I'm on the "younger" side too (currently 29) and have no back issues either. Coiling felt so unnatural and forced. I also think it could be what is leading to so many younger guys on tour getting back issues so early.

Get Good Golf says:

Christo, have you ever thought of adding pro tracer to your videos? I love your channel. Your method is really helping me improve my game. I have seen other you tubers use it and it really enhanced their videos. I think your subscribers would really benefit and enjoy pro tracer.

D S says:

When I have a tough shot ahead of me, I just pray Dear Jesus, my savior, help to remain calm, but whatever the outcome of this shot, Dear Jesus, you are blessed, your will be done. !!

Mark Randall says:

The golf swing has three basic elements that allow the golfer to hit the ball a particular distance – centripetal force, the double-pendulum effect, and body torque. Holding the hips and letting the upper body coil against them in the backswing is a key move to create more body torque (separation) in the downswing, which, if the golfer uses it correctly and efficiently in the downswing, creates immense power. Body torque is the most important element out of the three mentioned above and is one of the reasons why the young tour pros of today can hit the ball so far. However, this element of the swing gets harder as you become older and less flexible; it's also one of the main reasons why Tiger messed up his back, and is why Mcilroy will probably have the same back issues when he gets older.

Golf Motion Academy says:

Looking like Bruce Lee there Christo

Sergio Alvarez says:

I always think hips go 45 degrees back and the shoulders go 90 degrees

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