Best Golf Drivers Of 2020 Picked By TGWs Pro

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TGW enlisted the help of our resident golf pro to test the best drivers of 2020. Rick Hatfield, head golf pro at Flint HIlls National Golf Club and TGW's resident product expert, put the newest drivers from the biggest brands to the test and you have to see the results!


saint patrick says:

strangely tour players driving distance never changes on average for like 15 years. how is that

raynman67 says:

TS3 would have been a better choice for Titleist

Albano Dos Santos says:

Well we all not the same I test all of them and for me so far was king Cobra f9 the previous version and I hit further than all other driver include Maverick and f9 was more forgiving for me… Like I said we all not the same and the shaft made a few different as well….

Sam Z says:

Any discount codes for buying on

Robert Watkins says:

I need a driver that I can hit the ball straight! I keep practicing, I have had lessons, I watch videos, and do everything I can to get better. The worst part of my game is from the T Box! i slice right most of the time. When i aim left to adjust for the slice, I hit the ball way to the left. I am usually able to overcome my terrible drives. I have played rounds and never used a club less than a 6 iron and shot in the lower 40s. I hit my irons straight! Is there a driver that is forgiving and can help me?

Just Out Here Tinkering says:

Everyone's test comes back differently, and that's because everyone hits every club differently!!! I hit a lot of these clubs, and I couldn't hit the sim max or the maverick to save my life, idk why!!! I just couldn't hit them straight, wasn't getting a good launch angle and didn't like the feel. The Ping G410 felt the best to me and I am getting better dispersion and better distances than ever! I think everyone just needs to go out and hit these things for themselves!!!

rocky juarez says:

no Cleveland Golf- Launcher HB Turbo Driver???????

Dallas Time Bandits says:

Smooth transition bud👍

Darren bell says:

I own the g410 plus and cobra speedzone can't split them but really want to demo the cally mavrik as I've heard nothing but great results from it.

Alan King says:

Sim all the way

Miguel Duhamel says:

By far best video of drivers test on the internet thank you 🙏

Kevin Murphy says:

Absolutely love your company I've purchased numerous items from TGW very professional company !!! And love all your video on what everviam interested in buying!!! Awesome swing to ,,, love watching you test clubs ty for what you do !!!!

Peter Martinaitis says:

Your Cobra King F9 review last year, club speed…97.5mph, ball speed…145.6mph, carry distance… 257.2 yards .

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