Best Golf Irons 2014 Forgiveness

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Best Golf Irons 2014 Forgiveness with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks golf clubs and what are the best golf irons fro forgiveness for 2013/ 2014. Play your best golf with the best golf clubs for your handicap and ability. Mark is in Spain thanks to YourGolfTravel reviews some great golf clubs from Titleist, Mizuno, Callaway , Ping, TaylorMade and many more golf club makers. See which iron makes Mark's top 3 for 2014.

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Neil Ashworth says:

I know this is an old video but buying the JPX EZ off this recommendation
(and a brief try at the shop). Thanks Mark!

Deleza Luis says:

I have the G20s and I do like them. I am thinking of trading them in for
the Ping G25s, or the Karsten. Thanks Mark for the tips!

sledge1960 says:

Mark, I’d love to see more videos of the clubs at the ‘Lower’ end of the
market eg Wilson, John Letters MD Golf and the like, these firms make
quality clubs but they don’t get a crack at the whip with the big names
getting preferential treatment and there must be more small firms like them
making decent alternatives. 

Dreama40 says:

This guy knows his shit but listening to him gives me a headache, talks way
to fast and doesnt give u enough time to digest his thoughts, slow down,
take a pause grrrrr hehe otherwise great vid..

wardn53 says:

Hello, I was wondering if you have ever tried Adams clubs?

Pro Golf Seattle says:

Need a more flexible set of irons? Here are some of the most forgiving
irons in 2014. Best Golf Irons 2014 Forgiveness

Yetanowski says:

Are your Miz irons custom fit?

Golf Buzz says:

what about high handicappers? I use callaway razr x at the moment

Swelex SoSl says:

you’re standing behind the 18th tee am I right? there’s like a traning area
behind that bunker.

John Trubridge says:

Thanks Mark, best golf videos on YouTube. I went for the Ping G25’s and had
them custom fitted. In my 20 years of golf I have always had stock irons,
so this is the first time I have had the club fitting experience. I really
enjoyed the process. I am also really enjoying these irons, they give you
confidence, when you sit them behind the ball, which is reinforced by
knowing they have been fitted. Looking forward to your videos in 2014, have
a great new year. John 

Paul Roberts says:

Great video Mark. I don’t think it was available when you made the video,
but would include the Nike 2.0 Covert in your top 3 now? 

Stephen Blinkhorn says:

Got rid of my blades this year and now use amp cell, love them so EZ to
hit. If you have the time Mark I’d love to know what you think about Shawn
Clement and his methods. 

John M says:

Hi Mark, I noticed that you have the Mizuno JPX EZ, for both forgiveness
and Distance/Power. How does it feel compared to a blaed iron like MB
Titleist. or would you recommend it as an great overall iron that covers
all categories. Thanks.

SomeRandom says:

Thanks for another great review 

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

Mark, why did you used to say that certain clubs such as the ping i20 were
good for aspiring mid-handicappers? If you’re using the most forgiving
clubs then surely everyone bar tour pros needs them? So to use the case of
ping why not say unless you’re a seriously good ball striker (tour pro
standard) then you need the forgiveness of the g-range over the i-range?

kingofrs125 says:

Wats the white dots on the club faces

Shizz Sosa says:

mark, why not sue the EZ forged? You still get some added distance and
forgiveness with much greater feel than the standards. You’d think the best
of both worlds aspect of the EZ forged would be perfect for you?

nuggestar says:

Mark, since you’ve gone to using clubs with more forgiveness instead of
better players irons; what would you say the downside, if any, is to your
choice? Great video as always!

saintcruzin says:

I don’t understand why you play the Mizuno EZ over the EZ Forged. Seems
like a better choice coming from the MP 53s. 

Shawn Grinstead says:

Mark I really respect your evaluations. I need a forgivng iron but really
don’t like the thick top line. Aside from ” git over it ” what would you

Charles Dozier says:

Mark how about the best tweener irons like mizuno ez forged or callaway

mark l says:

Great review , I play of 6 and use ap1 , great clubs even for lower players
.great of you to mention that , thanks 

warmtoast1 says:

Hi mark, nice video btw. I am wondering if you can review clubs from
smaller manufacturers such as Adams, Cleveland, and Bridgestone? I am
curious how they fair against the larger more established brands. Thanks. 

chris redmond says:

Just started playing golf again after 10 years. Bought the ap1’s before I
watched your video, very happy with my choice now. Enjoying all your
videos, been a great help so far.

Carlos Melville says:

Hi Mark, good to see you use the normal EZ ‘s, the very same as I have
bought a few months back, they are special irons, helped my game no end.

daphne WB says:

Ty Mark, btw, do your EZ’s affect the height of your knockdown shots at
all? compared to your old “players” irons? in the long run, which do you

Bobby Merino says:

You have jpx in the forgiveness and distance. I can’t take your vids
serious when you favor jpx so much 

Urs Sonderegger says:

Lefties can forget the Mizuno irons but might consider Callaway’s X Hot.

Jason Tian says:

Great video. Learned a lot from your videos.

Thumper15 says:

no Callaway X hot?

Tom Howard says:

Hello Mark, What would be your “Best Golf Irons 2014” Middle of the
groupings. Not bladed irons nor ultra forgiveness, sort of the middle

Jay Downey says:

great video! and happy holidays!

AJCgolf says:

I use the Mizuno Mp-64’s (Semi-blade) and I actually quite enjoy the look
of my dads G25’s. For a forgiveness iron they look great

Richard Rowe says:

Taylormade Rocketbladez should have gotten a mention here!!

jacob billeaud says:

will you be doing a best players irons for 2013-2014? 

David Eaton says:

What no Taylormade!

SuperMozzman says:

..or you could just pick up a set of old Ping i3’s …..

Ian Blackburn says:

Echo comments from below, what made you not go for the forged EZ’s? Would
have thought this gives best of both worlds.

GolfAtHomeTV says:

Thanks for the video!

Trev D says:


Ronnie Casey says:

Check my channel guys new vlog up 14 handicap

SuperDvdm says:

Please do a top 3 feel/forgiveness review.

MeCheckOut2 says:

love it but why no covert?

SuperDvdm says:

Please do a top 3 feel/forgiveness review.

Paul Denim says:

Hi mark what are the dots on your irons ? . Do they help you line up your
iron .

Mahavishnu80 says:

Forgive me iron for i have sinned.

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